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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 24 Oct 2009

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

MapNevada in a day

The cows didn't wake us up, but were certainly starting to moo once the ranger made his way around. We hadnt the change to pay for camping last night so we had to see the ranger the moment he came around, lucky 7am isnt early for us anymore. He was a lovely guy and commented on the $12 maybe being too much :) Oh Nevada, if only you knew.

As we drove out of the campsite I realised it was like a little oasis of green and yellow trees in the middle of a dry desert. Desert was the main menu today as J had the idea that we drive all the way to Salt Lake City in Utah - 7 hours away! The interstate freeway was 75miles per hour (120kms/hr), huge road trains passed by and I learnt that this freeway goes all the way from East to West. It took us all day of watching big mountains go by, huge expanses of flat land going for miles and miles and the setting sun before we made it into Salt Lake City.

The first campgrond the GPS took us to was full or $45 for full hook up, the second was a camping store in the middle of the city, so back to a sign which I thought looked tempting. $30 for a single and free wireless internet. It looked dodgy with people hanging all around, and interestingly our id was taken in case the police came round and were looking for prostitutes or drug dealers. It was cheap and we found out it was clean once we got into it. There is two double beds so its a spread out night tonight :)

Shopping tomorrow at BackCountryOutlet - which is a web site for cheap outdoor gear, but Im going to their store to see what I can knab. J has managed to create a few extra days for Moab or more time in Vegas or LA, or I guess San Diego or Mexico so thats pretty cool.