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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Monday, 26 Oct 2009

Location: Moab, USA

MapI found heaven

We arrived in Moab a little before lunch time, I can really only tell the time sometimes if my tummy grumbles I know its around a meal time  Passing the Arches National Park the huge red rock stood out, mountains of it, the Delicate Arch is supposed to be one of the top attractions in the park and I plan on spending a day in there hiking around and watching the sun set over the park making it glow a rich red.

Out to a recommended campsite along the Colorado River (Colorado is only a short drive away from here and as its where Fruita is (another great biking spot) we may even make it over there. That would bring it to a total of 7 states out of the 52 on this trip  Campsite wasn’t what we were after as it was walk in and the others weren’t all that attractive either. We then drove up to a recreation area, $10 a night, which was near the much talked about Slickrock trail. Found the perfect campsite and set up our stuff. The sun was shining brightly and although rain and snow is forcast tomorrow, we made the most of the warm sunshine for today and hopefully it will not break up until later in the day tomorrow. J tinkered with his bike while an older couple arrived in their RV with 2 BMW offroad bikes and 2 dirtbikes. They had Alberta plates on and turns out they lived only an hour away from Canmore! Moab attracts people from all around the world because of its amazing rock mountains which can see you almost vertical on mountain bikes, motorbikes, ATV’s and 4x4’s. We got talking with the couple beside us and they also ride a tandem mountain bike, they have been coming here for 20 years – so I asked for a few secrets which they were happy to give up. They even suggested a place with free camping with some great biking AND gave us their map to get there! We plan on doing Slickrock tomorrow and Porcupine Rim trail the day after – weather permitting. Some of the trails here are on sheer cliffs and quite a number of people have died falling of them so I plan on being extra careful. One of the rides we are doing is like that and luckily there is signs before it to get off your bike.
We did the practice loop off the Slickrock trail and it was great. Im so used to finding good lines in the bush that its totally different when you have vast amounts of rock all around with traction to die for. I was climbing stuff so vertical that the only thing stopping me was the power in my lungs to keep going. Lucky I did the dirt series course and I learnt how to climb such vertical climbs without the front wheel lifting! Its going to be an Epic day tomorrow and even more Epic the next day – I have found Heaven.

We walked up the large rocks behind our camping spot and watched the sun go down. It casts huge shadows behind the mountains of rock and illuminates them from the front. It certainly is a sight and I think from that vantage point I can almost see 50miles away, snow peaked mountains in the distance, Moab nestled down in the valley.

So if Canmore, Whistler and Moab can just move to Australia then life can get no better.

This is going to be an awesome week.