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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 27 Oct 2009

Location: Moab, USA

MapNo riding today

The van was shaking as I awoke this morning, the gusts of wind strong enough to move Lester from side to side. Some of the camping gear left out last night had made its way onto the ground and filled with sand before I had talked myself into getting out of the warm bed. It was about -1 last night and Lester works as a refridgerator keeping the things inside cool, but unfortunately last night that was us. Tonight is supposed to get to -3 and snow is forcast, so fingers crossed that doesnt happen. I have managed to stay warm in my new icebreaker laying socks over leggings, wooly pyjama pants over that and for the top, a long sleeve layer and a fleece jumper completes the warm package I have going on over night.

So with random bursts of wind flying through the campsite it was decided that there would be no riding today and it would be an adventure in the Arches National Park as well as some downtown strolling. The rain held off until sometime after the first tummy grumble (lunch) by which we had made our way right through the park and seen most of the points on the map that it was worth seeing. Some amazing red rock sculptures, millions of years in the making stood tall throughout the area. The reason it is called arches national park is because of the amount of arches that have been created in the rock. Take a look at the MOAB photos for some stunning red rock formations. We did a few short walks to get to them and I think we were both disappointed with not being able to ride today - we are in the promised lands while the weather keeps us from doing anything substantial.

Back into town we went around to all of the accomdations on the main street to see their prices, but they were all too high, so snow or no snow, we are staying put, camping for $10 a night with no electricity or water. I think thats real camping! We filled up with free water at a shop with cheap organic clif bars and bought some more fire wood for what will be another two nights camping with the sun hopefully shining in another day.

It was raining a little when I sparked the fire up upon our return, wrapped the potatoes in foil and bedded down waiting for them to cook. We spoke with one of our friendly neighbours about his adventures and he has had plenty. One in particular about getting his tandem mountain bike up to 103kms/hr down Hwy 93 as you come onto the Hwy towards Banff. He was passing RV's and trucks! He has also done a tandem down Spray Lakes Road into Canmore and had a spectacular crash shearing his forks and frame in half - this road is one you can barely get the car up and down.

I hope the weather gets better.