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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 29 Oct 2009

Location: Moab to Capitol Reef NP, USA

MapI fell in love Moab, but you gave me nothing but rain, gusts, snow and icey winds, so I had to leave.

6910 kms total

Sadly this morning I said goodbye to Moab, what was going to be the promised land of Mountain Biking turned out to be a ruthless place at this time of the year for the weather. J got kitted up this morning and tried to ride at least a part of the slick rock trail but came back after 20 mins, hands not moving, face numb. It dangerous to ride like that, so as our friendly neighbours packed up, we decided to do the same. We swapped yogurt, maps, wood, bear spray and email addresses and I hope that I see them both again when I go back to Canada.

It shames me to think that I didn’t get to properly ride in Moab ‘mountain bike meca of the world’, but unfortunately it just wasn’t our time. Two other groups of campers were also bunked down waiting for the weather to change, one guy had even come as far as Austria, he thought it would be warm because it was in the desert and bought only small amounts of clothing...poor guy, he basically was sitting in his car trying to keep warm until the sun came out and the winds died down.
Packed the van after only 4 days and we were off on our recommended route to Las Vegas. First stop, Goblin Valley. Im so glad we saw this, take a look at the pictures, but basically they were clay like blobs all over the desert bottom and red blobby peaks in the distance. We were allowed to go around and walk in amongst them and they felt just like rock, except you could see the places that were being ground away by the rain and winds to produce these weird and wonderful shapes. We made all sorts of stops on the way to Capitol Reef National Park taking in the amazing rock features, different colours, shapes and sizes and it was like art in motion, although I doubt the mountains and rocks will change at all in my lifetime, these are all millions of years in the making.

We found a cute little campsite beside a small river, the entire ground covered in yellow leaves which used to be on the trees above before the cold set in. I made friends with some mule deer that were eating in the pasture, took some cool photos of twigs and leaves covered in ice and biked beside the river for awhile. Dinner was a deluxe chunky steak and vege mixture with hot toasted bagels with a dessert of pear and chocolate custard, mmm mmm, I needed a good hearty dinner and now my tummy is ready for bed. J managed a really decent fire and made good use of the free firewood (doesn’t happen often) and I look forward to a little deviation tomorrow through Capitol Reef National Park to view its amazing mountains and valley’s ultimately on our way to Zion National Park and Vegas Baby!

I think about Home and Canmore and the most important people in my life every day X