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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 03 Nov 2009

Location: Las Vegas Baby!, USA

MapVegas, how surreal

Out of all the places that I have been Vegas seems to be the one that gave me that 'it' moment - I cant believe Im here. We laid low the first day, checking out our hotel, enjoying king size luxury and gambling a little. One thing I do like about here is that there are so many different entities competing for your money, so prices stay low and things are either cheap or free :) Well the things I am interested in anyway.

Yesterday we decide to step onto Las Vegas Blvd and check it out properly and we were not disappointed. Shopping, casinos, people, glitz, glamour - its all here. We tried to walk on the shady side of the road because by 10am the sun has bite, something we are not used to at all. There is no real cross roads, theres an 8 lane freeway going right through the main streets. Instead there are escalators going up either side of the road and a bridge across it, an escalator outdoors...I think thats a first for me, or at least this amount of them, almost every street corner. The casinos build them to get people to cross the bridge and you walk straight into the casino. I hate to admit that I am a fan of the t.v series Las Vegas and so it was kinda neat to see all those things in life size. Caesers, Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, Luxor, Mirage, Treasure Island all were big, bold and filled with money. We used the pokies along the way, I think I sit a few $ up right now thanks to a $140 win on the first night and Ive paid for lunch, show tickets etc. As long as I walk away from here not down I will be happy. Theres entertainment everywhere you look, theres people handing out cards for cheap prostitutes on EVERY street. People hassle you, compete for your attention (money) and your senses feel overloaded. We were on the strip for the sun to go down and the lights to really come on. First was the Bellagio water show and WOW! Synchronised water with music and the size is unbelievable, as each bigger fountain of water crashes down a thunderous roar follows it. Planet Hollywood has the most LCD screens all lit up wanting you to come to a show called peepshow. The replica Eiffle Tower which is only half the size of the real one takes you up and above the city lights and really is a sight, thats when I had my moment, Im really here, Im seeing this. Out the front of New York New York is a giant rollercoaster and Im not game, it looks intense. The last bit of entertainment before we left the strip was a simulated volcano erupting at the Mirage and it was cool!

We got offered cheap show tickets and to cut a long story short, if we go to listen to a presentation on time share properties on the strip we get free lunch, get to see Chris Angel and Cirque du Soleil tonight. There is an amazing puppeteer I want to see also and while J is hopefully at Sema (a big car show) I will see the Bodies exhibit - the one that they have cast human bodies, they have disected them and also put them onto plastic so you can see all the way through. That should be interesting!

I dont think we have anymore huge plans while we are here, try not to lose too much money and have a good time. We get a free breakfast buffet every morning so I might toddle off for that :) X