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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Friday, 06 Nov 2009

Location: Malibu, USA

MapSunshine, beaches and swine flu

Left Vegas to more promises of sunshine and made it to the outskirts of Los Angeles before Wal-Mart again became the camping spot. When I awoke this morning I could barely breathe, everything ached and my lungs were so sore. Damn swine flu, I thought I got away with not having it, but how I feel today has showed that it crept up on me slowly.

Drove through L.A today towards Malibu, sunshine and beaches, giant houses with their huge gates locked tight so you cant see anything. There is no view because of these big gates and fences shutting out any views of the water as you drive along the Pacific Hwy. We kept driving to a camping spot and because it was a little out of the way we got a good location right on the beach, so I fell asleep on the sand today with my aches and pains trying to sleep away the way I feel.

Over the next few days is more of L.A with its crazy cement highways set up like giant mazes, travel along the coastline right through to San Diego to see the zoo and take in the sights there. Mexico for a day or two for shopping and some long awaited culture and then back into L.A for Disneyland and a hotel to pull everything apart and pack ready for the journey HOME!