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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 07 Nov 2009

Location: Anaheim, California, USA

MapMalibu, Santa Monica, Muscle Beach and Anaheim

Nothing mended overnight so when I awoke this morning and went to the washroom I could barely breathe just from walking in the cold air, my throat and lungs were in enough pain to have me sitting down barely able to move. The warm water changing to freezing cold just as I put conditioner in didnt help things either. So off along the coast we drove, any stops we made could only be brief otherwise I would have to stay sitting in the car. I dont feel really ill, its just the pain limits the movements I have and I have a high pain threshold.

Muscle Beach or Venice Beach was the first main stop. This famous beach has a outdoor gym, gymnasium, basketball courts and filled with small seaside vendors selling all sorts of goods. This is where Arnie made it big, t-shirts all around saying "Governator" and "my governor can beat your governor" with his giant muscles showing. This place has character, while we were watching a few 3 on 3 basketball matches there were young and old, black and white, fat and thin and all human differences in between all playing together as a team. Like right out of a movie the streets were all lined with tall palm trees and the sun shone warmly. A side of this area that I didnt know of was the back streets. Dirty, arty and filled with locals, either those in homes or those without. Although I worried about the way I looked at people or how long I held my stare, once I spent 20 minutes sitting and watching them, I could tell it was a tight knit community with plenty of transients making their way through.

Santa Monica with its amazing pier only got a drive past this morning, but hopefully once I feel better I will be riding my bike along it to take in the sights. J visited West Coast Choppers, a famous bike shop and after a bit more time driving along the coast we headed up to Anaheim to get in close to Disneyland.

After a visit to the Doctors ive been prescribed some pills and bed rest...and I doubt I could even walk the block to get there let along walk around all day. So looks like its Monday for Disneyland. Im actually looking forward to it, now I just need to figure out how to fit it all into a day.