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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 08 Nov 2009

Location: Anaheim, California, USA

MapDay of bed rest

I wanted so bad this morning to get up and visit Disneyland. The giant thunderclaps of the fireworks felt like they were just outside the hotel room last night made it so real where I was. All the car alarms within a few miles radius were set off by how loud they are!
I still couldnt walk to the entrance let alone around all day. So it was National Geographic all day. I am so happy that we have people that want to document all the amazing things in this world. Everything I seem to watch these days shows me the wonderful beauty but there is always the same catch phrase "humans are destroying it". Are we so detached from our environment that it allows us to create its demise, and not only creating it, but allowing its continuance. I watched a program on a great white sharks migration from South Africa to Australia, all the things that it went through, the forces of nature it was up against. It only took one shark fin boat to make some soup for one person in China to kill it savagely and stop this annual migration. As a world population are we not responsible, each one of us? This time off travelling has given me the clarity to know that I want to spend the rest of my life working towards regaining the balance between the environment, all plants, animals, soil and sea to ensure its continuance long after this generation and ten generations from now. Ecocentric; yes. Important; like no other challenge on earth. I cant wait to get home and start working towards this everyday.

I have been so fortunate to travel, see amazing sights everyday, as much as I look forward to being home, this journey of travel is not over.