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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Monday, 23 Nov 2009

Location: Tasmania, Australia

MapIt had to end sometime

9292 kms in total :)

Wow! What a trip. I had such an amazing time, which you probably picked up from the way I wrote about most places I visited. I can truly say now dont judge a place by what you hear because you can get there and have a totally different experience.

It was so lovely to touch down at the airport in Tasmania and hug my sister, we held each other and cried. It was so nice. Driving back I saw lush green grass, knee high, everywhere! Cows all sitting down because they were too full to keep eating. I forgot how fertile the soil is here and how the farmers in the North West Coast of Tasmania take good care of their farmland. Flying into Tasmania I was forced to remember the biggest business here - Gunns and their logging industry and was ashamed at the huge plots of land with bare trunks on them where wonderful trees used to stand. Sad.

I visited my mums new house and was in love and at home with the place, which didnt surprise me. Big fish swim around in the ponds and dams, cows chew grass right beside the fence, snakes make their homes in the bushes beside the dam. So many rooms and wide open spaces in the house, I wanted to move in right away...but alas, I have other places to be.

Im now getting into job hunting and applying for university up until Christmas where I will also take time off and get right back into it early next year in hope to have something ready to go by start of semester next year.

I hope everyone enjoyed the blog, Im not sure yet whether I will keep it going...but come back every so often and check it out...I may just surprise you with my tales to come.

Canada, I miss you - have a great winter!
Australia - get ready to be explored!