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Car’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 17 Feb 2009

Location: Australia

MapHey everyone! Yayy first entry ;) It's been 4 long days of travel and I finally have access to communication, so I figured I'd let you all know how I'm doing. my Aussie phone isn't activated yet and it might actually be a little while until its up and running...but to answer your question, yes I am grounded & safe!

To answer the next question...YES, I am OFFICIALLY in Australia! No more more more US! It's about 10:45 here right now, but even though it's late that doesn't mean it's not hot! It's 78° right now! Whew! As much as I love everyone back home, I think you all know me & how I feel about cold weather well enough to know that I don't miss NH a bit...Sorry! :(

LA was a blast! I met up w. Kevin and he showed me around a little bit. It was so nice to see a face from home after a 6 hour flight and I got to see some pretty cool things in LA, like the Entourage mansion...and J.K. Simmons was even in the same coffee shop as us one morning! (For those of you who aren't familliar w. the actor's name, he played Peter Parker's boss in Spiderman at the Daily Bugel) He was right behind us...I felt liks such a loser I couldn't stop staring when Kev pointed him out to me!

The plane flights were SO long! I hadn't really slept in 3 days so the big 14 hour flight from LA to Brisbane was a struggle, and lucky for me (sarcasm) they told us to try to stay awake as long as possible when we boarded to make the drastic time change well...LESS drastic! When we landed we had to practically sprint through the airport to make out next flight to Cairns, which took another 3 hours, and when we finally landed after that flight all we wanted to do was change, shower, and eat...but we obviously chose the more fun approach and hopped into our bathingsuits for a pool splash and a few poolside drinks! **The Aussie's drink this stuff called strongbow! It's a cider beer...and it really does taste like applecider and beer! Sounds kind of weird, but it's amazing!

Tomorrow we're going to be scubadiving in the great barrier reef!! I've already scopped the weather forcast and it's supposed to be 86°!! Hope you're all enjoying the cold weather :o) I don't know when I'll actually be able to put pictures up but I'm going to be pretty busy for the next week or so...I'll get around to it eventually! We'll be in Cairns for 4 days for orientation and then we have to take ANOTHER flight to Newcastle where we'll be transported to our apartments! I'll probably be in touch around that time!

Love & miss you all,