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Car’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 19 Feb 2009

Location: Australia

MapToday was an awesome day...I can't really imagine having anything other than an awesome day here! Today we learned how to throw boomerangs, how to play digery-doos, and we watched an aboriginal dance show! I actually got pulled up on stage w. another girl to dance with was quite the show haha :P it was a lot of clapping and foot stomping...interesting to say the least...but I think the coolest part of the day was feeding the kangaroos, holding a koala bear, and watching a HUGE crocodile leap vertically out of the water to snatch a chicken out of the air. It was pretty wild (no pun intended)

Tomorrow orientation is over and just when I thought that 24 hours of flying was enough, we're all hopping on a plane early in the morning from Cairns to Brisbane, and then finally from Brisbane to Newcastle! It's going to be cool to finally get the apartment set up and to settle into the town before School starts...or should I say, before "Uni" starts. Over here College is called "Uni" and high school is called'd get a pretty weird look from a guy at a bar if you told him you were a college student...he might not be as inclined to buy you a drink! haha :)

Well, gotta go--it's "ladies night" at gilligan's & free champagne if you're wearing a dress! I don't know when I'll have wireless at my new apt, but I'll write next time I have a chance! I've been lucky that there are computers here at the hostel so I've been able to email w. a few friends and family members at home.

Love & miss you all