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Car’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 04 Mar 2009

Location: Australia

MapIt's been a few days since I've written, but I've been busy starting classes. It's definitely been interesting! Taking the bus every day definitely took some getting used to, because at home I'm so used to just hopping in my car and driving where I need to go, and when I'm at school my classes are only a 10 minute walk from my house. The bus is an experience in itself here, and I've met some interesting characters on the bus. The bus drives through some of the...well, "ghetto" as people here would call it, but I prefer to say less fortunate areas of the city, and riding the bus the first and second day by myself made me a little bit uncomfortable, but it's the third day now and I can already feel myself getting more comfortable with it now that I have my routes down pat. I guess it kind of goes to show all the things I still haven't really experienced in my life. Coming from such a small town where everyone knows everyone and all of a sudden being placed in a city atmosphere with trains and buses and traffic has kind of made me realize that I still have so much to experience and all of it is outside of Rye Beach, Portsmouth, Plymouth, and maybe and even NH. I talked to Dad the other day about possibly coming back here for my masters, or maybe going somewhere else after I get my Bachelors. I just feel like there is SO MUCH out there and I want to experience as much of it as I can. It scares me to think that living in NH is all I'll ever know.

Anyway, classes are going well so far. Today is kind of a busy day actually, I'm in between classes right now. I just finished my geology class and I have an hour break until "writing the self" class, a class on writing biographically. Then I have to go straight to my third class, Classics of World Literature, and the hop on the bus around 5:30 to go home! Wednesdays are my crazy days. I only have one class tomorrow and usually a 3 hour lab for GEO on Fridays but since it's the first week of classes there are no labs, so Friday off! yay! I think a bunch of us might actually take a trip to sydney this weekend if we can book a hotel or a hostel.

Well I have to book it to class a little early because I'm still trying to figure out this campus! I have internet at my apartment now!! Kind of still trying to figure out how it works, but I should be able to skype by the end of the week :)

Love & miss you all,