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Car’s Travel Diary

Monday, 23 Mar 2009

Location: Australia

MapThis weekend was probably one of the most epic weekends of my life...Friday night the girls and I took off for crescent head to do a little surfing. If you can picture the most beautiful place in the entire world, crystal blue water, white sand, and as far away from civilization as you could possibly be, that's Crescent Head...Paradise, literally. Outdoor/Solar powered showers, no cellphone reception, no internet or tv, dirt roads, and nothing but campfires at night, the beautiful ocean, and even a few dolphins to entertain us! We arrived late Friday night, surfed for two days, and came home Sunday night. I'll put up pictures :) Sunday night was pretty incredible also. An Aussie friend of mine scored tickets to see Kings of Leon, my favorite band. Our seats were super close and just knowing I was seeing my favorite band in Australia didn't even seem possible. ALSO to make the weekend even BETTER, I heard from Dad on my way home from the surf trip and he's safe in Sydney, he'll be in Newy tomorrow! We already have plans to grab dinner at the Brewery on the Wharf & to share our first Father/Daughter beer together :) I'll put 100$ on us both having an ice cold CORONA.

That's all for now, short & sweet. Check out the pics! More coming soon!

Love & Miss you all!