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Car’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 02 Apr 2009

Location: Australia

MapHaving dad here has been a breath of fresh air. I've really missed my old man and I'm getting really sad thinking about him leaving on Saturday. We've done some really fun things while he's been here, and I even enjoyed our simple time spent bummin out on the beach, enjoying the nice weather and talking about how jealous everyone at home must be! Our night in Sydney was fantastic, and I can't think about enough good things to say about The Sydney Bridge Climb experience. It was really cool seeing the city from that "bird's eye" view. The whole thing took about 3 hours but it flew by. It wasn't really that scary, I think the only part that made me a little nervous was when we had to climb up this huge ladder that went up between the lanes of traffic, and I could practically feel the cars whizzing by halfway up the ladder. The whole thing was a different kind of adrenaline rush, and it didn't really hit me until dad and I reached the top.

I talked to mom this morning and I really miss her! I wish she could come down here too (despite her tremendous fear of flying that she'd have to get over due to the 27 hours it took to get here), I know she'd love it! She said her and John went to Arizona, and that she'd like to someday get a winter home there. I'm funny encouraging this idea as long as I can come visit :)

break is quickly approaching, only one week left of classes and then we have 10 days off I think. Something like that. My friend Michelle and I might take a little trip to the Blue Mountains, we've both heard it's beautiful, so I'm pretty excited! I wanted to travel somewhere like Fiji or New Zealand but I would end up spending about 1500 dollars and I'd rather take one small trip and then spend the rest of the time just relaxing. I mean, I live in a town with 3 GORGEOUS beaches, so I'd be ok making a smaller trip to save money!

PS** Plymouth played a nasty trick and sent out a notice that they had to change our school mascot from the Panther to the Platypus! Oddly enough, here in Australia it's April 2nd, and back at home it's April 1st, so for me it's no longer April Fools Day. I was very confused at first and then someone here reminded me that it's April Fools Day at home. Verrrrry funny PSU.

That's all for now, I'll write again soon!
Love & miss you all,