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Car’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 11 Apr 2009

MapHAPPY EASTER!!! As most of you at home know, my brother passed away when I was younger. What many of you may not know is that ever since then, I've had a very hard time going to church. I've been a few times for funerals, but I have a really hard time being at services. I've tried to go a few times on my own, but I get really emotional and end up leaving. When I was little at church the only person I would ever pray for was my brother, and when he passed away, I stopped believing. Well out here I've become very good friends with a girl from Colorado. Her name is Michelle, you've probably all seen pictures of her, she's the little blond girl! Her room mate is out of town so I told her I would go with her. I was very nervous about going at first but it ended up being a great experience! You wouldn't even know this place was a church from the outside of it because it looks like a little hole in the wall shop or something in downtown Newcastle, but when you go inside there are all these cute little tables and chairs set up everywhere with tea an coffee. There's a small stage with a band and most of the people that go are in their 20s and 30's so it's a fairly young crowd. The music is very up beat and fun and nothing is "in your face" or over dramatic or pushy. It was such a comfortable, fun environment. We even watched a clip of Bruce Almighty in the beginning of the service and ironically the message of the service was not forcing yourself to believe anything and not to believe anything just because people tell you to, but to take believing at your own pace. It was nice to have a service like that because that' exactly how I felt and where I feel I am in my life right now. When I left I felt very refreshed and happy and I'm proud of myself for going to Church because I know if it hadn't been for Mich I probably wouldn't have gone. It just felt like a big step for me. I had a lovely Easter and I just wanted to let everyone at home know that I'm thinking of you today and I hope you enjoy your time with your families and loved ones! (Mom & Dad I'm thinking of you!)

Aside from that everything here is going wonderful as usual. I've actually met a really sweet guy here, we've been spending a lot of time together for about a month now. His name is Sam and He''s been teaching me all sorts of Australian sports, music, places to go, and sayings and I have a lot of fun with him. Our University threw us a toga party at the Bar on the Hill, which is the Bar that's on campus. (That's right, because everyone at Uni is 18+ and legal here, there is a campus bar) My toga was gold and after I was finished knotting it and belting it, it looked more like a prom dress, I'll put up pictures! I'm also on Easter Holiday right now (kind of the equivalent of spring break except this is their fall semester) and tomorrow I'm taking a 3 day trip to the blue mountains with some of my girlfriends and we're going to do some hiking and sight seeing. We've heard it's supposed to be incredible. It's about a 3 or 4 hour bus ride so we're going to leave pretty early tomorrow morning and come back Wednesday night! I'm also hoping to go to the Gold Coast soon with about 15 other people!

I think that's all the catching up I can do for now.
Miss & Love you all, check out the new pics!!