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Car’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 28 Apr 2009

MapLots has been going on around here! Anzac Day was Saturday, and I suppose that's the equivalent of our Memorial Day, a day to remember lost soldiers and to honor soldiers currently at war. except it's more of a drinking holiday here for the younger crowd. A few of Sam's friends took me to the South's Club which is a league club and a casino. On Anzac day it's a tradition to play a gambling game called Two Up---A game in which you bet on 3 coins, heads or tails. You hold your money up and bet against anyone in the room, and if they win, they take your money, obviously if you win, you take the money. You can bet any amount but only in notes (notes are what the aussies call their bills) So you can only bet in 5, 10, 20, 50, or 100$ notes. *There are no $1.00 notes.* It's a very fast paced and loud game and after we all had a few drinks we got right into it. I walked away about even, and pretty much gained back what I lost, but one of Sam's friends walked away up 90 dollars! After that we went to cheer Sam on at his rugby game. They were playing Nelson Bay and won, Sam had a really good game. I sat with his friends for some of the game and then I sat with Sam's mom, who I recently met, for the rest of the game :) She is wonderful, so sweet. I'm starting to understand Rugby a lot more (here it's called footie) and I really enjoy watching it, especially when i'm watching Sam play!

A few of us are starting to look into Sky Diving! It's something I really want to do while I'm down here :) I just feel like sky diving in Australia would be such a cool experience! I also really want to either make a short trip to Fiji or maybe Whit Sundays or Frasier Island. The weather is getting a little cooler here, still pretty warm though. Today I'd say it was about 78 and I hung by the pool all morning and caught a few rays. It's going into Australia's winter so it isn't 90 degrees anymore like it was when I got here! It' funny because to the Aussie's this weather is freezing, but I'm still laying back in my beach chair at the beach enjoying the sunshine! The other day Sam and I woke up really early to watch the Sunrise (which by the way was one of the most SPECTACULAR things i've ever seen, right over the water, it looked like the sky was on fire!) and it was 14 deg. celcius, which is about 60 degrees F. for us, and Sam thought it was absurd that i didn't think that was winter weather! I told him he'd never survive a NH winter! Then again, he's never seen snow, and THAT to me is absurd!

I'll put up some pictures of the sunrise so you can all see how amazing it was, although pictures don't really do it any justice. We also watched the sun set the previous night, which was also gorgeous. Everything here is gorgeous! Still loving it, and looking forward to my last 2 months here!

Love & Miss you all!!