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Car’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 03 May 2009

MapHello from Newcastle :) Everything has just been so perfect lately! I really couldn't be enjoying myself any more or else I'll never come home! A few nights ago we had a get together at my apartment, which ended up being my room mates and I, and about 20 of our best guy friends. Sam invited his friend Joel over and the two of them together was really something! Joel seems to have a great personality just like Sam. I have yet to meet an Australian that isn't polite and friendly. We taught them how to play a few american drinking games, we planned on going to the bars but we were having such a good time at my apartment that we all decided against it, and at 1 in the morning we went on Kebab adventure. Kebab's are these deliciously unhealthy wrap type sandwiches, I always get Chicken with garlic sauce, lettuce, and tomato.

Yesterday was a really fun day! My friend Michelle and I spent the morning at the pool and then went to Sam's rugby game! He had another really awesome game and Michelle and I mingled with some of the Aussie's in the stand (called "The Green Corner" because Sam's team is called The Greens) Afterward a bunch of us went back to Michelle's apartment and made dinner and had a few drinks before the Knights Rugby game! Sam and I went to the game together and the stadium was so packed but we managed to find two seats together. Within 15 minutes of the game it was an absolute downpour. We toughed it out til half time but we were both sitting in puddles in our seats, Sam had big leather shoes on, and our jeans weighed about a million pounds soaked with we decided to make a run for it. We started sprinting in the rain toward the exit when lightning hit the big building next to us and the entire statium blacked out! We wondered what was going to happen to the game but didn't stick around to find out and left. Turns out they waited like 45 minutes for the power to come back on and continued playing through the lightning and the thunder! It's rugby or die here!

This next week or so is going to be kind of stressful, I have two huge papers due. Paper writing is kind of my thing so I'm sure I'll be fine, but it's still a little nerve wrecking here..they grade a little harder here than they do back at home, but it's forcing me outside of my writing comfort zone a little so it's not necessarily a bad thing. It's "Spring Fling" back at Plymouth and I'm finally 21 and my friends and I have been talking about the Spring Fling where we are all 21 and could drink in the "beer tent" since we were freshmen, so it's a little weird not being there right now, but obviously I'm enjoying myself here, couldn't love it more actually! Still working on sky diving, we're thinking sometime in the next few weeks would be ideal!

Love & Miss you all!