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Car’s Travel Diary

Monday, 11 May 2009

Location: Australia

MapSorry for the delay in pictures right now my camera is broken :( So I'm waiting for dad to mail me a new one! And then I'll put up tons I promise! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOM! :) Glad you liked the flowers, love you! Life is pretty ordinary right now (in a good way) lately has pretty much been low key, the work load at Uni is pretty intense right now because it's kind of the climax of the semester right now! I have lot's of papers but I'm getting them all done and still having time for fun! We go to Trivia at the Brewary on Thursday nights, order some drinks and some pizza, and it's always a nice night where we can relax, have a few drinks, and eat dinner and have some fun together without it being a big night out! We gave the apartment a good clean yesterday and it looked like the first day we moved in, it was so refreshing! Sam and I went to the movies the other night and saw the new Xmen movie! I LOVED it! Although, I am partially biased to like it because I loooove Hugh Jackman :) We threw a surprise party the other night for our friend Jackie! It was her 21st, so it was pretty exciting. So as you can see life just feels so normal with all my friends, and school work, and my apartment, that the idea of coming home is starting to really scare me! I try not to think about it too much, not that I don't miss everyone at home because I def. do, I'm just so used to being out here now!

Something that did make me really miss home was a picture my dad emailed me of everyone at the redsox game. It's in the album, and it really meant a lot to me, thanks dad!

Hope everyone at home well
Love & Miss you all