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Car’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Location: Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Australia

MapG'day from Gold Coast: Surfers Paradise!

We all decided a few weeks ago that we needed a little break from Newy, love the place but a change of scenery is always nice! We are currently half way through our 4 day trip to Gold Coast! There's 14 of us and we rented two apartment suites at this great resort called Mantra City Resort.

I put the link above. The apartment I'm staying in is a two bedroom, two bathroom, kitchen, livingroom, and three balcony apartment with an ocean view! And the other apartment is a one bedroom, one bathroom, kitchen, livingroom, and city view balcony! We thought it might be cramped at first but there are a few beds in each room and plenty of couches, so we all fit quite nicely!

The first night we were here (friday night) we hung around the apartment because we had been traveling and were all a little tired...not to mention the fact that it was an absolute downpour outside! We went to the bottle shop and picked up drinks and had a fun night in playing card games. Yesterday (saturday) it was storming out all day so we made nice with the heated indoor pool and jacuzzi. We all decided that the girls would make dinner one night and the boys would make dinner another night, so all the girls went to the grocery store and we cooked up a delicious chicken alfredo :) (i chopped the chicken! haha) The night turned out to be a bit windy, but fairly warm and rain free! We had a fantastic night out on the town, and went to a few different bars. It was so wonderful to be with 14 of my best friends out here, and it truly made me grateful for this experiene. We came home around 4am and called it a night (technically a morning!)

This morning I woke up around 10:00 and was surprisingly full of energy. I looked out the window and saw a partially blue sky and decided there was no time to waste! The weather here this time of year is so tempermental. (for example on my walk home it was raining, but now its blue skies again!) Everyone was still sleeping so I tip toed out of the apartment and walked around town to get a feel for the day city day life. I was surprised to pass a Surfers Paradise Hard Rock, considering my dad and my strong love for Hard Rock, I found this pretty exciting! I went into a few shops, grabbed a coffee, and explored my way down to the surfers paradise gate! By this time it was a little cloudy but just seeing the gate of surfers was prettys spectacular! Its another one of those things that I've heard about but never dreamed of seeing! The beach was closed to swimmers but I kicked off my shoes and dipped my toes in the water!

Now I'm back at the hotel and it's 1:00 pm and everyone is just starting to wake up! I'm excited to shower and change and get back in that sunshine! It was pretty warm out, about 70, and maybe today we can make more use of that our door pool :)

I'll write about my last two days here when I get back. I took a TON of pictures so next week come back and check them out! I miss you all so much and I hope you're having a wonderful start to summer! Peace <3

Love & Miss you all,