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Car’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 23 Jun 2009

Location: Australia

MapWow SO much has been going on in the last few weeks I don't even know where to start. Only having 3 weeks left in Australia is a little overwhelming. For the last 5 months this place has been my home, and these people have been my family, and now I'm facing goodbyes. It's just too weird. Let's see if I can catch you all up on my life :) Because it's still going pretty amazing!

All done with Uni! Finished all my final papers last week and it felt so good to hand the last one in the drop box. It's summatime! It was father's day back at home and I really missed Dad...He sent me a picture of him sporting his new "Hardrock Surfers Paradise" shirt that I sent him and it made my day. I've actually looked at the picture a few times and it always makes me smile! Mom has really been keeping me sane out here as well...I've called her a few times freaking out about leaving and she calms me down and reminds me that I can come always come back. I never thought leaving would be such a rollercoaster! I thought I'd come out here for 4 or 5 months, get a great tan, do a little surfing, and live the single aussie life. I guess I didn't take leaving into consideration. One of my room mates, Steph, left a few nights ago and the boys who live a few apartments down from us have all left and we were all really close...that was really hard, and one of my best friends out here Michelle leaves tonight with is going to be tough, but we just keep saying it's not goodbye, it's see ya later!

Knowing that I only have 3 weeks left makes me want to spend each day a little more whole heartedly. I don't want to take a SINGLE second for granted. Last night Michelle and I watched the sun set and this morning we woke up at 6 and watched the sun rise at Newcastle Beach. Sarah, Michelle, and I were snuggled in a blanket at 6:30 am and dawn couldn't have been more beautiful. I was taking a video and a pelican swooped down and almost crashed into my head. I've already watched the video on my camera 5 times and every time I see the pelican swoop down and hear me screaming combined with all of us in hysterics, i start laughing out loud. Those are the memories that I want to last FOREVER! The ones that nobody else will understand, except for the people that were there. (but try to picture it because it was REALLY funny)

Every single night our apartment is crowded with people, and if we're not at our apartment we're at someone else's...taking as many pictures and having as many drinks and good times as we can squeeze in. Everyone else will be gone by the 30th, I'll be the last one left. It's a strange feeling but it's also a little comforting.

Last night Sam and I babysat his younger siblings and watched Marley and Me, and even though the movie was "TORTURE" (it was so sad) it was a night that will really stick in my heart. It was one of those nights where nothing particularly glamorous happened, but a night many people might take for granted...definitely one I didn't want to take for granted. Joseph, Sam's 4 year old brother sat on Sam's lap while his younger sister Allie fell asleep laying across my lap. I adore Sam's siblings. His other brother George showed me slide shows of pictures, and even though parts of it was the same picture 5 or 6 times in a row, and Sam kept telling him I didn't want to see it, I genuinely did. Nights hanging out with the kids, watching movies, playing mario kart, and wii, have become some of my favorite memories. It was also nice to have a calm night after the string of 21st birthdays and goodbye parties we've been having! This morning was a fairly relaxing day...went down to the beach with 10 or so people and had a beach volleyball game going while the sun was setting!

I'll put up some pictures so you can all see what i've been up to for the last few weeks! Hope you're all doing well & enjoying your summers

Love & Miss you all