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Car’s Travel Diary

Monday, 06 Jul 2009

MapYIIIIIIIKES only one week left in OZ! One week exactly, this feels nuts! I've been living with Sam for the past week, and I've been having such a great time. I'm so glad I decided to stay an extra two weeks, because these last two weeks are turning out to be very special and memorable. I moved out of my apartment last Sunday. It's been nice living in a new environment, though moving out and saying goodbye to my room mates was sad, it was definitely bittersweet. Being in Sam's house has been so much fun so far, and it's nice being around a family again--even the little things about being around a family like eating dinner together every night or Sam's grandfather coming over every day for a chat, remind me how important my own family is to me!

I've been pretty busy this past week! Sam's Dad took us to a place called Forster. It was such a gorgeous town with a few beautiful beaches, not that there aren't a million of them here.. one in particular that Sam and I walked was the One Mile Beach, and we ate lunch on the harbor at this little seafood place called Paradise Marina. We also went into a few shops in town, and grabbed some ice cream before heading home. I also experienced my first "nude beach", it was quite interesting! I also had the chance to go to Nelson Bay for one of Sam's rugby games. Sam and I went up early before the game to check out all the boats with a few of his team mates, and while Sam was warming up for his game, his mum showed me around the bay. We went to a beach called Zenith beach which Sam's mum told me is one of the bigger surfing beaches in Nelson Bay, and it had the whitest sand and the nicest water! Sam's rugby game was so fun to watch and they killed Nelson Bay 73-10! I always enjoy watching Sam play, it makes me happy to see him playing so well, and I try my best to understand whats going on. I never get bored, I think it's such an interesting and fun sport. I've figured rugby out for the most part having watched a 6 or 7 of his games and I have to say I enjoy it a bit more than "American Football" or "Grid iron" as they call it here!

This week coming up we're hoping to go to the vineyards in hunter valley to do some wine tasting :) Mmm! And hopefully we have the chance to make it to Sydney one more time! I'd really like to see Bondi Beach and get one more glance of the Sydney Bridge and the Opera house!

The weather here in Newy is still great! Not nearly as hot as when I arrived in the Aussie summertime, but when it's 70 degrees and blue skies in the middle of their "Winter" I'm a happy camper! I laid out today and read in my bathing suit and even got a little color and found myself thinking...geeze, couldn't do this in our winter! Hope you all have had a little more sunshine at home, I've spoken to both Mom and Dad and they both said NH has had quite a big of rain this summer! Don't worry, I'll bring the sun home with me!!

Love & Miss you all (pics coming soon!!) xoxo