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Erin’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 19 Feb 2009

Location: London, England

MapSo here is my first instalment of my blog, I hope I dont let you all down, Ive never kept a blog before so its a bit of a learning curve!!

Ive had a bit of a nightmare couple of weeks trying to get packed and ready, and also packed up for storage as Im going for so long and surprise surprise have had to leave quite a lot of things for my lovely mum to do which I feel so bad about but hell, Im on my way to Rio!! (seriously though Mum I really am sorry about that xxx) Honestly, I really hope this trip helps with my organisation skills!!

I was up all night trying to get stuff in my rucksack which for some reason on Saturday was only 14.2 kgs (perfect weight) and last night was impossible to get it all in and all for a few tablets (bloody Malaria tablets!!) oh and 3 months of contact lenses (which I probably wont even wear that much because I love my new glasses so much!) and had a bit of a meltdown around 4am (weve all seen them recently but this one was so much worse) and I was just willing my mum and Jim to wake up and help me which they did a short while after and my amazing step dad managed to pack everything for me (although how I am going to repack I dont know but I am hoping Ill be able to leave some toiletries that I woAnt need for a while on the coach fingers crossed Ill be able to have so much insect repellent, tablets and contact lenses I dont need to carry them around all the time!!

So I caught my flight ontime despite really badly not wanting to leave my family I keep telling myself its only about 15 months til I come back for a holiday at least so not so bad not like im emigrating forever (I should hope not with the little amount of clothing Ive brought damn toiletries!!) but there have been lots of tears, I havent cried so much for about 4 years!! But now I am on the plane and there is nothing I can do I am starting to FINALLY get excited!! Honestly at one point I was thinking what the hell am I doing Id give anything to have another week but its done now and Im here!!

I had a bit of a nap on the plane so Im all refreshed in time for lunch, the plane was delayed by I think about an hour (not overly sure as I was asleep) but its cool, Ive got my netbook to write this on, my ipod with some garage (thank god) and Hancock is on later so I cant wait for that!! The only drawback is that im sitting behind some guy who literally has his seat as far back as can go (which is fine, I mean so do I) but everytime he moves, he leans back on it so it is just digging into my knees, probably the only time I wish I didnt have long legs is when im on planes but I cant really complain as Im on my way to Rio so it could be much worse, I could be at work!!!

I just want to say a massive thank you to all the people that have helped me get ready for this (mainly my mum, Jim, Sass and Doug thank you guys so much! Not sure what I would have done without your help Id certainly not have any of my own cds on my Ipod (thanks again Doug) and thanks to Mark, Andy, James and Dave who between them have let me copy so much of their music I know should be pretty happy until I get to Oz!!

I also want to say thanks to everyone who made an effort to come to my leaving dos especially the people who came from far (Paris, Leeds, North Wales, Bath to name a few) I really appreciate the effort that was made and honestly couldnt have wished for better leaving dos I promise I will get my pictures on facebook soon!! They were all very random and my feet were killing me at the end of all of them from dancing so much so that was pretty good even when we ended up at a rave!!!

I am going to watch The Women and try not to fall asleep although I dont think I will manage that need to catch up on my lack of sleep from last night!!!

(Im now writing this the next day I spent pretty much all the flight asleep, I kept trying to watch the film but then fell asleep in the same point every time and I still want to find out what happened lol!) the nice old man sitting next to me kept waking me up for food and stuff which was nice of him but I could never stay awake that long!! Surprisingly a good flight oh and I definitely recommend flight socks my legs sometimes randomly hurt which I think is poor circulation and they work so well, they didnt ache at all Im so glad I have them for the long bus journeys and high altitude aswell I definitely recommend them if you get achy legs at all!!!)

Right, off to see if I have to change rooms I managed to repack my bag and have taken out the things I need every day and then to hopefully find a café so I can upload this stuff and let you know Im doing well!