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Erin’s Travel Diary

Friday, 20 Feb 2009

Location: Rio de Janerio, Brazil

MapSo its now 3.30am Rio time (6.30 our time and Iíve just got to bedÖ

I didnít quite know what to do at the airport as my infomation said it would be about 70 reals (Brazillian money) to get from the airport to my hotel but thankfully I just sucked up courage and asked a few people if they were on my trip as they had rucksacks so looked quite travelly! All said they were going on Dragoman tours so I was a bit stumped to be honest! But then one nice couple said we could all share a cab and they would drop me off first!! So that was cool, and they are going to be in Sydney around the same time as me so we swapped emails and may well meet up again there.

It was so hot in the airport and I thought Ė hopefully it will be cooler outside (momentarily forgetting I was in Rio!!) and it was boiling Ė like hot enough to be an English summers day even though it was 9pm!! The cab we got had no aircon so it was windows open and hand fanning for me!!

The ride in was an adventure, people walk down the side of the motorway here, its so weird and then there were others just standing on the edge selling things!! We tried to look out for sights but it was too dark, there was some amazing old buildings stuck in between modern high rise offices though so looking forward to seeing lots more.

My hotel is really nice, I thought it would be more hostelly but it really isnít. I checked in and this little old man carried my bag up to my room Ė I swear the bag was bigger then him Ė I felt so bad but was soooo glad it wasnít me carrying it!

I noticed some information up on the walls so I decided to check them out before retiring to my room for an early night as I thought that would probably be the only chance I had for a while and wasnít sure if Iíd meet anyone! And I found out there was a swimming pool so thought awesome I can go for a swim Ö

I was looking and there seemed to be a note written from by the driver with a list of names, I wasnít on it but then an Erin Wilson was so I thought Ė maybe they messed up my name or something??? Then there was another girl reading them aswell so I asked if she was joining a tour and she had just finished one, so we got chatting and turns out she lives about 5 mins from some of my friends in Australia so thatís pretty cool. After a while I asked what she and the others from her tour were doing that eve and she said she was meeting some for a drink if I wanted to join so I was like Hell Yeh and went up for a quick cold shower (honestly sooooo hot here its untrue) and got changed into one of my dresses and then went back downstairs, with my money and passport to lock in safety deposit box just to find that there is a safe in my room so I went back upstairs (getting the stairs every time as the lifts are so damn slow) to lock my stuff away and then was good to go.

As I wasnít sure what tour I was on so Teneal introduced me to her driver and tour leader and basically I might either be on their tour or on another that will be running at the same time.

We went up to the rooftop where there is a bar and a mini swimming pool (quite glad I didnít decide to go for a swim because soooo many people were up there!) and I got chatting to a girl called Kelly who is leaving the trip today to do half of it independently but was on the budget truck from Caracas, now she is lovely and introduced me to the others on her trip Ė I might be on their bus you see and one of them was Erin Wilson (so they didnít mess my name up im just not on the list!!)whoís name is actually spelt Eren!! and another guy called Aaron (pronounced Airon) so we decided if I am on their trip then Iím going to join their cook group (as Kelly and her boyfriend are leaving so I can take Andyís space) so we can be the 3 Erins (or similar) it was getting pretty confusing when people kept saying Erin and I thought they were talking to me but it was the other Eren!!

The guys I had met earlier that are running the other bus came up aswell and they are really nice Ė both from New Zealand so I pretty much donít mind which bus Iím on as I have already met and liked people from both!!

So all in all it was a pretty awesome first evening Ė I really thought I wouldnít meet anyone and would just get an early night and then not sure what today but I had a late night and lie in and now going to see if I have to change rooms into a shared one and see if there is anymore info and meeting the others at 2 to go on a boat ride round the bay (which quite awesomely has free food and drink and swimming aswell) and then going to a black and red ball tonight for the carnival and I might decide to spend almost £30 and go to see a football match tomorrow as have been invited along to that aswell!

And I better get some stronger sunscreen aswell Ė not sure factor 10 will cut it but itíll do for now as Iíll just be good at re-applying!! The good thing is I found out that I will be able to leave stuff on the coach so I can leave toiletries and stuff I wont need in my locker and that will free up a lot of weight and room in my bag!! Thank god for that!!!

I shall write again tomorrow. Going to try and find an internet café or get the wireless code for here in a bit!!