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Erin’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 21 Feb 2009

Location: Rio De Janiero, Brazil

MapI woke up early and went downstairs as I was supposed to be changing rooms – on Thursday I managed to have a twin room to myself as STA had messed up and not let me know I had to book my first nights accommodation – I have found out that I was pretty lucky as a lot of other people were put into other hostels as ours was fully booked. When I was at the desk I started chatting to another new girl (I could tell because of the English pale skin) and then we in turn started chatting to 2 more new girls. I didn’t actually have to change rooms in the end as my room mate hadn’t turned up the night before so that was pretty sweet as I didn’t have to attempt to lift my ridiculously heavy rucksack again!!

So the 4 of us decided to go for lunch and then to use the internet – we went to a buffet place where you pay by weight so for about £3 I got a plate full of awesome fresh food – there is an abundance of amazing vegetables and fruit here – I Cant get enough of watermelon at the moment its awesome – everything seems to taste so much better! (more on food later – Lauren you just wait for the cheese stories!!!!)

There was supposed to be the carnival opening ceremony at 1pm so the others wanted to go to that – I had already arranged to go on a booze cruise with the others so I just went to use the internet for an hour and finally got to let my parents know I was alright – I still haven’t worked out how to phone from over here – apparently its really expensive so I will have to work out how to use skype (which reminds me – mum can you send me your information and how to use it as I have no idea!! And then at least I can call when im in an internet café that has it!!)

So I went back to the hotel and went with the others to the boat – it was about a 25 minute walk from the hotel and so hot – was cool though – just chatted to random people and got to know others in the group!! We had to sit around waiting for ages but that was ok – we were in the shade so it wasn’t so bad and just sat with some of the girls which was cool!

When we finally got on the boat we were all given lays – which was cool because I was beginning to think I should have brought some Hawaiian stuff with me but now I have some so that was pretty cool! Oh and we got a beer from the free bar – honestly – a tour group of English and Australians mixed with free booze – bad combination!!

There was a sort of stage area so we sat on that on the boat trip over, the views were amazing – went past the awesome Sugarloaf mountain (more on that in a couple of blogs time) and then I got my first glimpse of Christ the Redeemer!! There are 3 reasons I wanted to go to the Carnival one was that I LOVE carnivals, have always had so much fun at Nottinghill well the 2 times I’ve actually been I have anyway! And the other 2 were Sugarloaf and Christo!

We went towards an island on the opposite of the bay and all jumped off for a swim! The water was amazing! And then… we carried on drinking!! (surprise surprise!)

After a few hours we were all pretty drunk and the music was getting quite good so some people were dancing. Then the sun started to go down and honestly – it was amazing – we had sugarloaf almost next to us and christo in the distance – I got some awesome pics – I think we all know how much I love sunsets and to have those 2 in them was just unreal!!

After dark we started going back and the music was so good we all had a bit of a dance on the stage – I don’t think any of us realised the boat was actually moving!! It was a bit pants when we docked to be honest as the boat was so damn fun!! But dock we did and wandered back to the hotel to get ready to go out!

I went up to my room and started getting ready for a red and black carnival ball – I hadn’t thought about colours and hadn’t brought anything black – had taken a few things out actually so I just wore my denim shorts and my red bikini top and sarong!! And lots of black eye make up (no change there then) and used some of my room mates red nail varnish (which is still chipped on my nails as I am writing this a week later!!) took a pic of us and went out!!

It gets a bit hazy in places as I don’t have any pictures of the evenings as it was to risky to take my camera out as so many get stolen – and I love picture time so much so it was quite gutting!!

We got a mini bus to the ball and found out it was going to be 90 reals – now I only had 100 on me so was like great no more drinking or anything for me but a couple of the guys brought me some beers so that was good!!

The ball was quite fun, had another dance but we were all pretty hammered and some of us got tired and decided to go back to the hotel – so I was one foot in the lift and Logan (my driver who I had met the night before) was sitting downstairs so I was chatting to him for a bit and then went out with a couple who had been on his trip before (the same one that Teneal who I had met the night before was on) and we went out to check out the street partys in Lapa!

Now I have to say – we were in such an awesome location – there was just one massive street party for 4 days solid – it was so cool – and people were selling beer on the street – honestly being able to drink wherever is so fun (not an alcoholic I swear but has to be done in carnival time!!) and there will be more on food later but I found out a day later about street meat and street cheese – but that is for tomorrows blog!!

Anyway – so after we wandered the streets for a while myself and Logan went up to the roof and there was some people up on the roof from his old tour so we chatted to them for a couple of hours and I think I rolled into bed at around 7!!

So that was the end of Friday – so much for going home from the ball early to get an early night!!! It was so hard to do at carnival!!