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Erin’s Travel Diary

Monday, 23 Feb 2009

Location: Rio de Janiero, Brazil

MapI was pretty tired when I woke up so me and my room mate went to get some breakfast and went back to bed for a bit and I was going to go to the beach and then sugarloaf with the girls I had made friends with but then saw Teneal and Louise in reception so I decided to hang out with them as they were leaving the next day.

So we got a cab to Copacabana beach – which was really cool – I couldn’t believe I was on one of the most famous beaches in the world – I didn’t make it to Ipanema though too many carnival things happening! – and went for lunch – I think I had my first proper meal of the trip but I could hardly eat any of it because its just too hot to eat so I keep getting full pretty quickly!

And then we went for a wander down the beach – it was so hot and walked up the surf – the weird thing about the beaches in Rio is that everyone gets as close to the water as poss so there is so much more room then you would think but not near the waters edge. The water was freezing which surprised me as I thought it would be warm. And there were loads of people just jumping on waves – you know how we would spend ages loving the wave machine at Windsor and the Spectrum!!

We walked up the beach to the markets which were nearer the end – I got the most beautiful sarong – its different colour pinks with embroidered flowers – and I got some new Havaianas (royal blue Brazil ones) and… I found a brazil italian charm bracelet so I can wear that in place of the one I left at home – I should have got 2 incase anything happens to this one but I was a bit hungover and not really thinking straight! But I have 2 spare pieces so I can put one on my proper charm bracelet when I next see it!

We wandered around a bit more and then went back to the hotel – I was getting a bit worried because I had realised we only had one more day in Rio and I wanted to go up Sugarloaf at sunset but if I didn’t go today I would miss it as we have our pre departure meeting tomorrow.

But luckily I went on the internet for a bit and started thinking that I could probably find someone to go with so went to see my mate Jobe and he said that a few of them were going so I got changed quickly and went with them!!

We were trying to look for a bus as there were 6 of us so couldn’t all get a cab and we found the right road but no buses but we realised that we were next to a park that I had walked past last night – it was like a 5 min walk from the hotel so there was no need for that extra 25 min walk and cab ride lol!

Anyway – we ended up getting 2 cabs because we needed to get there for sunset and managed to get up there in time but we couldn’t make it to actual Sugarloaf as the queue was so big - so we went to get a beer and watched the sunset from the base mountain!! It was still damn awesome! Not quite as good but better that I saw the sunset from at least a part of it!! I must admit though I actually prefer my sunset photos from the booze cruise on Sunday as I got sugarloaf and Christ the Redeemer in them but it was still pretty damn awesome – the view over the bay was fab!

We then queued to go up to sugarloaf and realised the queues weren’t as long as we thought so we prob could have made it but oh well – we wandered round the top for a bit and it was dark and really quite breathtaking - we were overlooking the bay we went to on Friday on the boat and you could see the whole of Rio from up there – well the lights anyway – I actually managed to get some good pictures for once of the lights!

When we got back down – 3 of the others got the bus back but we didn’t see where they had gone so missed it and then wandered round for ages looking for a cab who would run the meter rather then try and charge us 50 reals! After about half an hour we found one and then went for dinner to an all you can eat buffet – that was pretty good – but wasn’t really hungry enough in all honesty – its really cool though because they bring round skewers of meat so you can have sooo much its awesome!

After that was pretty tame – went to the roof for a bit but everyone was hammered and I had arranged to get up for 7.30 to go to Christ in the morning so I didn’t want a late one! So I went to bed – quite early about 1am!! :-)