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Erin’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 14 Mar 2009

Location: Buenos Aires (Part one), Argentina


We had two nights of uneventful free camping from Puerto Iguacu to Buenos Aires and then we had the chance to go to Uruguay pretty cheaply from the town where we stopped for lunch on the way to BA.

Some of us decided it was definitely worth it to do that as there was a boat trip but it was about 5 times as much to do that then just take a 25 peso cab ride (which is about a fiver) over there for a wander round. We were mainly doing it for the passport stamps anyway. What we forgot is that it was siesta time so nothing was open so we just wandered up the main street and then went to a restaurant for a drink – which took so long to get served in so I decided against getting a drink as we wouldn’t have time to drink it. I am really gutted though (Gill you’ll appreciate this one) as when we were on our way back we drove past none other then Urban Outfitters and…. It was open – I was sooooo gutted I hadn’t carried on wandering – its one of my favourite shops and I was so in the mood to shop – I couldn’t believe it – I haven’t seen any decent shops over here!!

Anyway, we got the cabs back and carried on driving – it was pretty uneventful, I slept most of the time and when I woke up just as we were driving into BA I looked out the window and saw some slums, it was quite horrendous, all these weird shack things all piled on top of each other – I am thinking if you have seen Slumdog Millionaire then you might understand. Apparently they are nothing to what we are going to see in Bolivia though!!

Owen came on board and talked us through things to do while we were driving to the hotel. There is a street in the middle of BA called 9Th July Avenue and it is the widest road through a city, a 16 lane highway – there was a Cleopatra needle in the middle of it aswell and only about 5 min walk from our hotel so it was always easy to find our way back.

We got to the hotel and decided who to share with and I was sharing with Dominique and we managed to get the best room of the hotel just by not rushing to put our names down so we got one with a balcony which was pretty sweet so that turned into the party room of the hotel. Me and Logan went to get the eski (cool box) from the truck and I borrowed Jordan’s speakers for my computer so we could keep drinks cool and have music aswell!!

Most people decided to do the city tour but I didn’t fancy doing that so I went for a picnic with Logan, Dom and Owen which was really nice, sitting in the sun with cheese, salami and crackers and Pina Colada (which we had discovered the day before by deciding that we fancied a drink and found some ready mixed Pina Colada which was only £3 for a litre bottle) so it was a really nice afternoon. After a few hours we headed back to the hotel to get ready to go out for a group dinner and we invited everyone to our room for drinks before hand.

We went to a restaurant about a 15 minute walk from the hotel and I had my first Argentinean steak in Argentina – it was ok but nothing on the steak I had in KM5 when I was in Ibiza with the girls last year (I am still determined to find one better then that!!) and then we fancied going out afterwards but everything had such massive queues and I wanted to go back to the hotel to get Logan as he hadn’t come out for dinner so some of us went back while others decided to queue or find other places. Me, Logan and one of the other girls – Jaski went out for a wander but I was wearing flip flops so we wouldn’t have been able to get in anywhere anyway as apparently you cant wear flip flops in the clubs of BA so after a couple of hours of wandering and chatting we went for a drink in a cafe and Jaski had some awesome pancakes – chocolate, banana and chocolate ice cream – they were sooo yum!!

On the Saturday I spent the day with Logan wandering around, we went to the Pink Palace where the president of Argentina lives (I guess it is a bit like 10 Downing Street but much much bigger!!) and wandered up the river to find somewhere to go for coffee, and then wandered back down and decided to go for a Burger King as neither of us have had one for ages (yes I know I had 2 the week before I left but that’s not the point!!) it was a really nice day and BA is such a lovely city, It is definitely up there with my favourites!!

That night I went out for drinks and dancing with most of my truck and most of Swampy so that was pretty awesome as I hadn’t seen any of them for a while, we went to a really nice bar called Sugar, I wasn’t actually going to stay out that late and was going to go home after Sugar but decided at the last minute to go to a club with everyone – I am so easily persuaded, and it was so worth it – it was just a cheese night so it was brilliant – and I went and requested Cheryl Lynn’s Got to be Real and I was literally writing it down when it came on – I almost cried with happiness – it reminds me of awesome nights out so much and I knew that everyone was out for Michele’s birthday that night so I was really glad as it made me feel like I was with everyone and I had a dance for her birthday!! Both places charged to get in but then you could redeem it on drinks which was pretty cool although I wrong choiced in the first bar as I got a Jack and coke – I hadn’t had a Jack Daniels since England so I got one of them and it was more then the entrance so I still paid another 2 pesos for it but still it was only about £4.50 so not that bad considering I was in a capital city. And in the next one I just got a bud and some Agua! I swear England should do that – you think – man I am paying just to get in a bar but then depending on what you drink you can milk it quite a lot!!

I ended up leaving at around 5 with Danny, Imogen and Sandra as I was so tired by then but me and Danny were pretty hungry so we ended up jumping out at Burger King (yes I know – again – how bad is that!! I would have preferred McDonalds but we couldn’t see one – clearly we weren’t looking properly) so we queued in there for absolutely ages so were about another hour – so much for being tired! And then when we got a cab back we drove past a McDonalds literally across the street!!