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marie’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 07 Mar 2009

Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand

MapSorry its been a little while!

Monday 2nd

We travelled 5hrs North by train to Sukothai today, which funnily enough have to wait for cars to stop crossing the tracks not the other way round!
Along the way we saw many different sights, man made huts made from old timbres & sheets of corrugated tin with newspaper filling any gaps.

We arrived at the Rajthanee Hotel in almost unbearable heat 38 degrees!

Tuesday 3rd- Travelling to Lampang.

We visited the Historical Park of Sukothai in the morning which is the first capital of Thailand. We cycled round the park which was filled with old ruins of amazing Buddhist Temples.

After the Park we took a bus for 4hrs to Lampang. After a slightly uncomfortable ride we arived at the Traditional Thai Riverside GuestHouse. It was basic but the views made up for any lack of comfort! We also had a very interesting evening watching the Geckos doing rudery!

Wednesday 4th - Elephant Day

We took a Songthaew (wooden limo) to the Elephant Conservation Centre where saw the most beautiful animals. We started our day watching them bathe followed by our ride around the park on the back of one of them. AMAZING!!! Bit bumpy, quite scary going down into the water hoping the elephant realised it wasn't bath time!
Finally we watched an elephant show, which we know not everyone agrees with but the animals were very well looked after and loved.
Anthony had a go at making recycled paper, out of, yes you've guessed it elephant poo! I had a go at detaching some paper which was one they made earlier & managed to rip it at the top and stick a hole right through the middle of it! OOPS!
On the way to some hot springs we stopped off at an Elephant Hospital which was looking after those that had been injured by land mines crossing the Burmese Boarder illeagally.

After a fabulous day we went to the home of Phi- Aoi's & met her family. Enjoying a traditional Thai menu of curry, stir fry cabbage & many other delights, whilsts being entertained by the local village band.
Towards the end of the evening we watched a caberet of thai dancing & kick boxing performed by the children which we were invited to participate in. Towards the end of the evening we all wrote our names on a lantern & set it alight as a symbol of Goodluck which floated up into the sky.

Thursday 5th - Cycling around the village of Baan Mae in Lampang

Phi- Aoi led us round her village on bikes riding through the rice paddies surrounded by picturesque views of the mountains. Stopping off several times along the way including a mushroom farm, where we helped pick some mushrooms & saw an old lady smoking the biggest spliff ever! made out of the shell of Tureen seeds, which is said to have hallucinagenic properties!
We also visited Phi- Aoi's daughters school where we helped teach the 4-5yr olds their ABC'S & 123's.
After this we took a Songthaew up to Chiang Mai.