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marie’s Travel Diary

Monday, 16 Mar 2009

Location: Phuket, Thailand

MapTuesday 10th March - Monday 16th March

Hi all!

We are now coming to the end of our Thailand tour. We have been travelling south for the last 6 days, starting off in Krabi.

This is where we had our first chance to go snorkling in the ocean around the beautiful Phi Phi islands (one of which, Maya Island, is where the film "The Beach" with Leonardo Di Caprio was filmed). The only draw back of seeing these amazing islands was that there were so many people around, but it certainly did not spoil the day.

Koh Yai Nio Island

This island was a welcome break from the tourist hotspot of Krabi. We had a private boat trip around the surrounding islands just for our group. We weren't able to do any snorkling this time because of the high tides however we did get to swim the lagoon of Hong Island. We had about 20 minutes where there wasn't any other boats entering the lagoon, so it felt like our own private pool. The water so warm and refreshing, we could have stayed there all day.

We spent the evening listening to the local band at one of bars on the sea front. The songs were largely in Thai (the only English songs were an Eric Clapton song, Wonderful Tonight I think it was called, and Hotel california by the Eagles) but they were really good.


Our last days in Thailand have been spent around the Karon beach area of Phuket. Apart from visiting the Gibbon rehabilitation centre (for 5 minutes!!!!) our time on the island has been our own. On Saturday night we went over to the more active area of Patong Beach, well known for its bars of various nationalities (mainly Irish and Aussie) and sports bars.
Ping pong is quite a big game over here, unfortunatley we never had the pleasure of seeing this (thankfully!!!). Apparently they play Ping Pong with a different set of "equipment" altogether! (anyone who is unsure of what we are going on about please don't hesitate to ask).

Altogether, Thailand has been an amazing place to visit. We feel that going on a tour was the best option for us. Our awesome cake eating tour guide Nai made our trip better than we could have done on our own as he knew all the best places to eat, visit and explore.

Watch out for our next update when we'll be in Australia!!!!!!