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marie’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 25 Mar 2009

Location: Hervey Bay, Australia

MapWednesday 25th March - Arriving in Hervey Bay

We arrived here in the early hours of the morning, to what was probably the quietest hostel ion all of Australia! After not seeing anybody for the 1st couple of hours Re and I honestly thought we were the only ones there!!

The beach here is really good, and we did the stereotypical thing of writting our names in the sand, and yes, taking a photo of it with cheesy grins and thumbs held high, but it has to be done.

Thursday 26th March - Our trip to Fraser Island

Today we had a day tour of the beautiful Fraser Island. Not only was it a good day, but best of all the weather and wildlife cooperated!!

We were chauffered around the "sand" island (so called because there is not a trace of dirt any where) on a Pod bus, which is like a converted lorry that is a 4-wheel drive. The driver was very good; providing us with an array of facts about the island like; its 123km by 18km and Eli Creek (the second largest on the island) has a flow rate 4millions litres an hour! (you'll all be glad when that comes up in a quiz) ...anyway, back to the day.

We started off at the old central station, where the logging took place, based in the rain forest. We spent half an hour here then we went onto the "75-mile" beach (you don't need me to tell why its called that).

The first stop on the beach was at the ship wreck of the Maheno. The ship had an interesting life, starting off as a luxury vessal in the early 1900's, then becomiong a hospital ship in WWI, then back to a luxury vessel once the war ended. After being out-moded in 1935 te Maheno was put up fo auction and bought by the Japanese. However, in the transit back to Japan the Tow rope they used to pull the ship snapped when a cyclone hit unexpectedly. The ship then drifted for two days and ended up on Fraser Island. You can still see most of the ship even though 14metres of it is under the sand and during WWII the Aussies used it as target practice.

Our second stop on the beach was at the coloured sands of the Pinnacles. Apparently theres 72 different colours but we could only make out 4 or 5!!

We then stopped off at Eli Creek before lunch. We were able to walk through the creek and we got some really good photos here.

After lunch we visited the very very picturesque Lake Mackenzie. Its the most popular fresh water lake on the island and its extremely refreshing to swim in. What also made the lake attractive was the Dingos! Re and I came into close contact with two of them! That concluded an excellent day at Fraser Island, we would definately recommend it to anyone.