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marie’s Travel Diary

Friday, 27 Mar 2009

Location: Newcastle, Australia

MapFriday 27th March

Starting out at 1:30am! We caught the bus down to Brisbane where we then caught the luxurious XPT Train for a further 12hours onto Newcastle! We had a nice breakfast and lunch but the cherry on the cake was having Afternoon Tea, which was scones, jam and cream!!! yum yum!

Arriving at Newcastle Station we met Mel & Ben (a couple we had met on our Thailand tour to the North!) and they took us back to their home in Broadmeadow.
We spent the rest of the weekend looking around the sights that Newcastle had to offer, which were pretty amazing. Mel also bought us our first ever Gelato ice-creams.....Delicious!!!

Monday 30th March

Leaving Newcastle on the train we made our way to Uncle Syd & Auntie Rita in Gosford!
It's been 10 years since i last saw them but only 4yrs for Anthony so as you can imagine i was very excited to see them again.
It was a lovely feeling seeing Uncle Syd through the gates and luckily for him i didn't run and jump on him like i did all those years ago when i first met him when they came to England!!
After we had settled in Auntie Rita made the Best dinner Anthony and I could ever have dreamed of.......Pork Chops, Roast Potatos, Fresh Vegetables and GRAVY!!!

Wednesday 1st April

After spending a couple of days with Uncle Syd and Auntie Rita, we left Gosford to meet Marguerite (one of their Daughters) and her Family and spend a week with them.
We arrived at Caringbah Station and instantly recognised Marguerite (Margo), she looks very much like Auntie Rita. She took us back to their home in Lilli Pilli affectionately known as The Shire to Aussies! Their home was beautifully situated on top of a hill overlooking the Gymea Estuary and one of many National Parks.
We were also introduced to their very playful 7 year old Labrador Ebb! Everytime she got excited she would grab a pillow off the sofa and play with it!
We spent a week at Margo's and it was probably the most active week we've had to date!
We went for long walks with Ebb, over to the neighbouring town of Cronulla, played with Oliver & Lauren (Margo's Children) on the trampoline, Anthony played Tennis, we both went kayaking with Margo's husband; Matt, and to finsh it off we went for a 4 hour walk to the Karloo trail to the Karloo pools in the National park.
We aslo visited Symbio Wildlife Gardens, which was really good. Whilst there we got to pat a Koala, they are exceedingly soft! and feed a number of Kangaroos! The ones that Anthony got were a bit fiesty, he got a glancing kick off of one of them! Mine were very pleasant though which is the main thing hehe!

Wednesday 8th April

After an active week we travelled back to Gosford and met Casey (Grandaughter) who had just finished school for the day. A lovely, very polite girl and much taller than when i first met her!

Thursday 9th April - Royal Easter Show

Boarding another train to Olympic Park we arrived at The Royal Easter Show. An annual Event which lasts the length of the Easter Holidays.
There were lots of exhibition halls with fashion, food, gardens and plants. The main attraction for the kids were the show bags, they included chocolates, sweets, magazines etc or you could buy TV/Movie Characters ones.
In the food hall there was an entire wall covered with displays of fruit and veg. The main display in the hall was a massive rainbow trout made out of red and green apples.
We went to see the Motor- X freestyle bikes and Toyota Hilux 4x4's in the NAB Arena. They performed various stunts of varying difficulty which were very exciting.
Towards the end of the day we went on the Skyview wheel, from which you could see a panoramic view of the City of Sydney.
I got to pat a pig, whilst Anthony took the photos, it was a very nice pig, until it started biting me!

Friday 10th April - Family BBQ

Today we went to Viv's (Syd and Rita's other Daughter) for a BBQ, and Anthony met her family for the first time, Aaron and his Girlfriend, Bradley (the charmer!), and Casey. We also met Sue, Viv's house mate from New Zealand. We enjoyed a tasty dinner and had a lot of photos taken to send back home.