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marie’s Travel Diary

Monday, 20 Apr 2009

Location: Australia

MapThursday 16/4/09

We spent the morning around the farm doing odd jobs, Anthony got up early to help with the horses for the first time. Pete bought us some steak pies for lunch which we ate at Glenoak, delicious!
In the afternoon we took a trip into Scone town and had a stroll round the shops, which didnt take too long!
In the evening Benny treated us to dinner at a pub in Gundy, we had the chunkiest steaks they were yummy!
By the time we got back Nick & Jaz were home from the Yearling Sales in Sydney. We sat up talking to them for a little while before heading off to bed.

Friday 17/4/09

Anthony and I went on the Burning Mountain Bushwalk today. Named so because there is a coal seam that is seeping out smoke from underground. The smoke can't be seen from the bottom of the mountain so there was no choice but to walk to the top!
As we were making our way to the top the views were very beautiful and we began to smell the smoke. Once at the top there was a breathtaking view of Scone and surrounding countryside. There was quite alot of smoke seeping through the ground as the sun was shining heating the coal.

Saturday 18/4/09

Benny took us out on the boat today on the GlenBawne Dam. It was a lovely sunny day but the wind was picking up throughout. The views looking up the mountains, which surrounded the dam were incredible.
Whilst we were away the farm was having afew trees trimmed back and taken down, so when we got back the first job was to clear all the branches and other debris.
For dinner Nick and Jaz put on a scrummy BBQ and lit a fire in the garden for us to sit round in the evening with some drinks.