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marie’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 22 Apr 2009

Location: Scone, Australia

Map22nd April - Wednesday

Had a quiet morning this morning, helped out on the farm as much as we could. The evening got a bit more lively though!

We went to John's house at Moonan Flat to have a jamming session with Nick, Benny, John and Troy. I had a go on the guitar playing with the others and I also put my hand to the Drums and according to the others im good! Re was the photographer for the night and took plenty of photos.

23rd April - Thursday

Today we went to the Wash Pools which were out the back of Pete and Alison's property at Glenoak. We took a picnic and sat by the water. It was a beautiful and sunny day and we even managed to dip our feet in! Very refreshing!

25th April - Saturday

After having a hearty breakfast at Glenoak this morning, we took a trek with Nick, Benny and Sandra up the mountain at the back of the property. I did this walk when I was last here so I wanted to take Re to come see the amazing view from the top and although the climb up was a bit precarious for us at times, (to put it politely) she saw the reason why I wanted her to see it. At the top there is a Gum tree, all on its own, that four years ago Nick and I carved our names into. When we got to it we were very surprised to find that we could just about make out our names! We then made fresh entries on the tree adding Re's name to it, so if and when we come back we have a reason to do the climb again!

26th April - Sunday

Today we left Scone. It was really good to see everyone again, in fact we may be going back for the famous Scone cup, the must see event of the year! So readers watch this space!