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marie’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 26 Apr 2009

Location: Gosford, Australia

MapTuesday 26th April 2009

We arrived back at Uncle Syd & Auntie Rita's yesterday where we spent the day looking round the sights that Gosford, The Entrance & Terrigal had to offer, very picturesque!
Today we went up to Kincumber Mountain Reserve for a picnic with Casey. A beautiful sunny day with Kookaburras up in the trees laughing down at us!
Us young ones went for a walk through the bush along the short trails before we stopped to have picnic.

Wednesday 29th April 2009

Today was Brilliant! We went to the Australian Reptile Park. We began the morning watching Funnel Web Spiders being milked for their venom. The Park is number one for producing the anti-venom for the deadly bites these spiders give.
Our next stop was the reptile house where we walked through a crocodiles mouth to look at all the different species of reptiles that the park kept i.e. frogs, lizards, snakes, alligators & spiders. Afterwards we went and joined the Galapagos Tortoise feeding and the Reptile Show. We watched a keeper of the park show and tell us about the blue tongue lizards, corn snakes, Chamealeons, tree frogs and then a bloomin great big python!!
At the end of the show the opportunity for a photo with the python arose, which Anthony thought was a cool idea! So like the kind, loving girlfriend that i am, i "happily" sat down with Anthony and this blooming great big python round my neck and had what turned out to be quite a good photo!!
After a short walk by the Alligators we had our picnic lunch in the Kangaroo enclosure as they bathed in the sun! Overlooking the Dingoes and Wallabies.
With full tummies we walked over to the Koala enclosure where we were fortunate enough to stroke one of them. Their fur was so soft and curly but their claws were rather sharp!
To end our day at the reptile park we listened to the show about the Dingoes the first dog in Australia the Aboriginal People brought over with them.

Friday 1st of May 2009 - Bouddi National Park

A lovely day of walking! Starting at Little Beach we walked 10 KM along the coast to Putty Beach. The views were amazing and the weather was lovely and warm and sunny. Along the way we stopped at Bombi Point and Bouddi lookout. We stooped for lunch at a clearing looking out to sea which was beautiful but very surreal!
After lunch we carried on our way walking across the golden sands of Maitland Bay and up to Gerrin Point, which was a lookout that showed us where we had just walked.
We managed to make it to Putty Beach where we enjoyed a comfortable ride in the car back to Uncle Syds.