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marie’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 02 May 2009

Location: Gosford, Australia

Map2/5/09 - Saturday

Today we were just going to go down to the Entrance to watch the local highlight of the 3:30 feeding of the Gosford Pelicans. This 'attraction' began by accident in the 1990's (we think) when the local fish mongers would throw out the fish they didn't sell at the end of the day into the Entrance. This happened so regularly that the Pelicans would come and wait at the Entrance at 3:30 so they could get their feed. The government then got hold of this and now a volunteer group look after the feedings making sure the Pelicans are in good health at the same time.

... This is just what we meant to see ... however ...

Whilst we were waiting for the feeding we were noticed that on the other side of the water that there was small sand storm. The sand storm then quickly turned into a tornado!! It ripped through a small caravan site and upturned one of them and threw it partially into the water! Luckily no one was seriously hurt, but could very easily have been.

In the end we did see the Pelican's being fed ... which was ... urrrm ... nice!