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marie’s Travel Diary

Friday, 08 May 2009

Location: Blue Mountains, Australia

MapFriday 8th May 2009

Today was a jampacked day! We set off early to catch the Explorer Bus, which would take us to our first stop of the day, "Honeymoon Lookout." From here we decided to walk back on ourselves to "Echo Point." Along the way there were many beautiful Lookouts overlooking the Blue Mountains and "The Three Sisters." You can actully walk onto the Three Sisters via the "Great Staircase," which we did, although we never realised we were on the "Great Staircase" until we had got off it! There are 910 steps to the Staircase, we managed about 100, which i can tell you was penty!! We had imagined a grand old stone staircase, but this was not the case, they were the steepest, metal ladders we had come across not so very great! Anthony was abit gutted we didn't realise, because he wanted to prove he could conquer them, I was more than happy with what we'd done! When we arrived at "Echo Point," which is the main Lookout to see "The Three Sisters," we hopped back on the Explorer Bus to catch the first show of the day of, Goomblars DreamTime.
Goomblars DreamTime is about Aboriginal culture. How it is based on the Dreamtime philosophy, giving spiritual focus to the land and animals with a concept of time fusing past, present and future. We were extremely lucky today as Goomblar himself was narrating the story, with Aboriginies from other close communities performing.
Throughout the story the didgeridoo was played. It resembles the first instrument founded by the Aboriginies. Originally made from hollow Eucalyptus trees, which have become so, from Turmite damage.
During the performance, audience participation was required for some dancing! So Anthony and I got up with the rest of the audience only to find ourselves hopping around in circles making the movements of animals, for example, a kangaroo, an emu and a butterfly!
At the end of the show Goomblar came and spoke to the audience and obliged Anthony and I with a photo! We were very excited as they were very impressive and quite daunting at the same time.
Leaving the show feeling overwhelmed, we hopped back onto the Explorer Bus to our last top of the day, Stop 12 ... "Scenic World!" We caught the SkyWay across the valley to the Scenic Train, Anthony was very excited as the misted glass bottom of the SkyWay became clear once over the valley showing us the sheer drop, which would only take 4 seconds for us to hit the ground if the unhappy event did occur by the way! On a happier note though we could see beautiful panoramic views of the Blue Mountains and the "Three Sisters!"
After leaving the Skyway we boarded the Scenic Train, which took us from the top of the mountain to the base in about 1 minute overlooking the mountains. I had experienced the train once before, but the shock that Anthony got on the way down was funny he didn't quite realise what I meant by "it's steep!"
Reaching the bottom in one piece, we took the 10 minute walk to the CableCar. This took us back up the mountain giving us beautiful views of the Katoomba Falls and rolling valleys.
This is our last day at the Blue Mountains as now we're off to see an old camping friend of mine, Nicola, with whom i did tend to find myself getting upto alot of mischief with!