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marie’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Location: Randwick, Australia

Map12/05/09 - Tuesday

Today we went to the Sydney Aquarium. We both have been there before but it was good to go back. We learnt what the difference between Alligators and Crocodiles was and it's not their size or shape of the heads, which is a common misconception! You can tell the difference when their mouths are closed; when an Alligator closes it's mouth only it's top set of teeth are visible and when a Crocodile closes it's mouth both sets of teeth can be seen. Thats really the only difference!

If you enjoyed that little bit of trivia your going to love the rest of this!

Re's favaourite part of the Aquarium had to be the Dugongs, or the "Ocean Cow". So called because it's main source of food is sea grass and they will eat it all day just like cows do! What we learnt about these guys, which is quite interesting is that their closest living relative is the Elephant.

My favourite part of the Aquarium had to be the "Oceanarium". Although it wasn't the only one, you could walk through the tank, which made you feel like you were inside it. The tank itself was filled with several different species of Shark, Giant turtles and Giant Stingrays (it had to have been 4 metres wide at least).

After the Aquarium we walked around Darling Harbour, then caught the train to Kings Cross.

Our main reason for going there was for Harry's Cafe d' Wheels! The famous pie shop. A very modest looking stall and it displays an array of photos of different celebrities who have had the pleasure of eating there. Needless to say the pie's were delicious!
I had a Beef Pie with Mash & Tomato Ketchup and Re had Beef Pie with Mash, Mushy Peas & Gravy!

With full stomachs we walked up to the Botanical Gardens. A very beautiful place indeed and you would not believe that its in the busy city of Sydney. Even though it's coming closer to the Australian Winter there is still an array of colour in the gardens and also Fruit Bats, lots and lots of Fruit Bats!

After walking through the gardens we decided to head back to Nicola's but via Hyde Park, a very nice way to end our day in Sydney.