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marie’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Location: Sydney, Australia

Map13/05/09 - Wednesday

Today we went to Manly. We arrived around lunchtime so we went to find somewhere to eat. We ate at a nice cafe that overlooked the beach. There was a really good surf out there aswell and there were plenty of surfers taking advantage of it. After lunch we had a walk along the beach and the shops before heading back to the ferry to go back to Sydney Quay for our evening activity.

Along with Nicola and Owz, Re and I climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge !!
We did the night climb like i did before but it was a thousand times better because i was doing it with Re!!

After the bridge climb we all went and had a farewell dinner at one of the pubs by the bridge. On the way back to Nicola's though we stopped at another restaurant because they had the best looking window display of deserts we had ever seen!! Cheekily we were able to go in for some desert, but afterward we felt so full we could hardly move. It doesn't mean we wouldn't do it again though!