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marie’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Location: Scone, Australia

Map14/05/09 - Thursday

Off to Scone again! We caught the train from Central to Scone, which took us 4 or so hours to get there! Benny and Sandra picked us up and we soon settled in to our old ways, a dvd and pizza at Riversdale.

15/05/09 - Friday

Over night, Jas' cousins Cindy and her husband Pat had arrived and this morning the Hodges good friends Chris and Wayne. All very lovely, Chris is such a character.

A busy morning of getting ready, as we were off to the Scone races for the afternoon. We did have a few bets on the Scone Cup (the main event) and one of our horses came good, but not good enough! We put a $10 bet on but only got $8 back!

After we watched the cup we left with Nick and Jas to do the afternoon feed, however only me and Nick ventured out and the girls sat by the fire with a pot of tea and biscuits!

When everyone had returned, Nick, Wayne and I made fire in the pit and sat back and had beers around it whilst, again, the girls, with the addition of Cindy, Chris and Barbera (jas' mum), sat around the inside fire and had tea!

16/05/09 - Saturday

This morning we all went out for breakfast at "Canter" which was very nice. With a good hearty breakfast inside us we went to an arts and crafts exhibition where Alison (Nick and Benny's mum) was exhibiting 3 of her paintings, which were scenens from Glen Oak.

For the rest of the afternoon we relaxed at Riversdale and prepared to light another fire. At dusk we all ventured out with a drink and enjoyed cheese and biscuits by the fire.

17/05/09 - Sunday

Enjoying another breakfast at Canter, we said our goodbye's to Chris and Wayne, and Cindy and Pat. We spent the afternoon with Benny and Sandra watching Sheep Dog trials. In the evening we went round to Glen Oak for dinner and we had a mini bonfire (by their standards) down the bottom of their property.

18/05/09 - Monday

We left Scone for the second and sadly final time. I was really glad that we were able to go back to the farm, but sad to leave again. I hope it won't be too many years before we see them again.

We got back to Syd and Rita's at 2pm and Casey popped over after School and, along with Sue, stopped for dinner. Viv came round too, but didn't stay as she had a lot of revision to do. Sue was giving us tips on what to look out for in NZ which is handy as she is a Kiwi. Needles to say we have a bit to look out for!

19/05/09 - Tuesday

We left Syd and Rita's for the final time today as we were leaving for Margo's. We arrived at around 12 and went straight to lunch in Cronulla. After lunch we went back to Margo's house and mainly fussed over Ebb (the dog) until we picked up Lauren from School. In the evening we all went ot see Oliver play his Trumpet where he had been at Band Camp for the past 2 days. It was very good, he and the other children had learnt quite a few songs including ones from the films; "Pirates of the Carribean" and "Shrek". This show would form, our departing memory of Australia!