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marie’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Location: Christchurch - Kaikoura, New Zealand

Map21/05/09 - Thursday

The beginning of our Kiwi Experience!!!

It was said that doing this trip was a good way to meet new people, and we had started even before we boarded the bus! We mat another couple Alex and Louise who are newly weds. We get on really well with them.

We weren't waiting long before the Big Green Bus turned up! Whilst standing in the rain shivering, our bus driver Morrie got off and came over to check us in.

Once aboard thr Green Bus and beginning to warm up Morrie explained the ins and outs of Kiwi Experience. He also talked to us about Kaikoura, our first stop.
Kaikoura means to "eat crayfish" - Kai = Eat, Koura = Crayfish.

Our journey was pleasant, the scenery was breathtaking as we made our way along the coastline. The Oceans on one side and Snowcapped Mountains on the other.

Whilst travelling along we knew we would pass through the town of Blenheim. This is the town Viv's friend Sue, was born and raised. We couldn't see the shop she grew up in but it was nice to be able to see the town where she grew up.

Arriving at our Hostel "The Lazy Shag" (not what you may first assume, 'Shag' is a sea bird!). It was a very comfortable hostel and after settling in we decided to walk to the seal colony with Alex and Louise via the town to buy some warm hats and gloves! Along the way we met up with another couple Jemma and Aled who we climbed up a cliff with to see the views from the top, Amazing!

In the evening we chilled out infront of the log fire playing some cards.