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marie’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Location: Nelson, New Zealand

Map23/05/09 - Saturday

The walk of the Abel Tasman (named after Abel Tasman and is also NZ smallest but most visited National Park)

We began at Marahau where we caught the water taxi, which would take us up along the coast upto Tonga.

We were pulled by a tractor along the road, whilst sitting in the boat to the ramp. We set sail, first taking a small detour to take a look at the "Split Apple Rock" (It looks like a split apple!)

After visiting the rock, we made our way up to Anchorage, then Torrent Bay, which would be our finishing point, Bark Bay and the Seal Colony. From here we saw something amazing ... a dolphin! Although it was beautiful to see it chasing the boat we found out that the dolphin had been seperated from it's pod and found it's fun by chasing the boats, which was quite sad and dangerous really.

We reached Tonga and our walk began! Along with Alex, Louise, Jemma and Aled, we made our way along the coastal path taking every opportunity to take photos of the amazing scenery. Anthony was very happy when we came across a suspension bridge! It had a 5 person limit meaning that we walked across 1 couple at a time (if you've seen the bridge scene in Shrek 1 that's what Anthony was doing to me!)

We made it to Bark Bay where we stopped for lunch looking out to the ocean. Aled and Alex began feeding the Seagulls and other abnormally sized birds! After filling our tummies we carried on our way. The boys had started a competition along the way as to how many times they tripped over, needless to say Anthony did very well!!!

Finally after 4 hours we made it to Torrent Bay. Alex, Louise and Anthony found a rope swing as i looked on in amazement that you never get too old! The tide had gone out when we arrived at Torrent Bay, which meant we had to walk out to meet the boat. Needless to say we had to take off our shoes and socks and wade through the freezing, cold water to board the boat.

Making our way back to Marahau we dried off our toes and feeling tired and cold we were all looking forward to heading back to the hostel and warming up.

After dinner we all played cards in the bar. Enjoying our game we were interupted by a "wise" drunk Kiwi! and i quote he said, "where are you jokers from?" He then went on to say, "life is precious your bus could crash tomorrow!" ... He left us rather bemused!