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marie’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Location: Lake Mahinapua, New Zealand

Map24/05/09 - Sunday

On our way to Wesport

Leaving Aled and Jemma, we headed to Wesport, a small rown, with not much to do. We dropped a few people off to do Jet boating including Alex and Louise.

Thats really all we can say about this leg of our trip, although we did make one bloody good steak sandwich in the evening!!!

25/05/09 - Monday

Lake Mahinapua ... or as its more commonly known as; the "Poo Pub" stop!

The party is a highlight for many Kiwi Experience travellers becaus eof the cheesy music, cheap drink and it legendry status of being the home of New Zealands oldest Publican, Les, who is 84 and still going strong. But I think the reason why so many people love it is becaus of the fact its a costume party! Our theme; "On T.V" (that narrows it down then!)

We had just over a hour to shop around for our costumes, which wasn't easy! After searching around the $2 shops and Op shops of Greymouth and with no luck we came across the "Warehouse", a Matalan type shop that has everything. So with only minutes to spare, Re and I had made our purchases; 2 table cloths, felt tips, and a pair of pink fluffy slippers. If hadn't alraeady guessed we were going as Fred and Wilmer Flinstone!!!! We even got hold of some blow up clubs!

We arrived at the Poo Pub and were greeted by Les and we understood immediately why he was a legend. We settled in to our rooms, we were in a dorm with Alex and Louise, and started to think how we would go about making our costumes. However, before we got too involved we had a mamouth feast to go to. Les had prepared huge steaks, a pot full of Venison stew, vegies, corn on the cob, pasta, and lots more. Needles to say I don't think I have ever been so full (for the purpose of the Earl's it beats the dustbin lid!)

Full to the brim we went back to our rooms and finished our costumes, Alex came as the Hulk and Louise as Tigger. The party itself was excellent, we had a really good time, plenty of cheesy music and cheesy dancing to suit!!!