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marie’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Location: Wanaka to Queenstown, New Zealand

Map27/05/09 - Thursday

Nothing much happened today, but the evening was pretty good. We all went to dinner to the bar next to Base, where an NZ band, called "The Volunteers" were playing. We had a cheap meal and sat by the fire. Aled and Anthony played doubles with two of the band members. They knew Anthony because he bought their album, which they all signed! The drummer bought Anthony a drink before they went off to get ready. They sounded really good, but it maybe a long time before they get to the UK unfortunately.

28/05/09 - Friday - Leaving Wanaka for Queenstown

We went to Puzzle World this morning. Anthony wanted to go into the maze which could take you up to an hour to get through! After half an hour, however, we ended up using the emergency exit as we were no where near finding the actual exit and time was running out! After the maze we headed into the Illusion rooms.

The first room was full of Hollographic pictures, and the 2nd room was semi-circular, which was covered top to bottom with sunken faces. The idea was to cover one eye and move around the room. The faces would appear to be convex when they were actually concave and the eyes would follow you around which was a bit freaky!

The 3rd room was cool, it was an "Ames" room, where the floor slopped from one end to the other but to a camera it look level, so when we stood at opposite corners and took a photo for once I looked taller than Anthony!

The last illusion room was well weird!!! The floor was at a 40 degree angles which meant anything inside the room was put at the opposite angle making it look level, but it wasn't. There was a snooker table with a ball in one of the pockets. The instructions said to take the ball and place it at the opposite end of the table and see what happened. When I did this the ball seemed to defy gravity and travel up the table to the opposite pocket!! Magic!!!

We got to Queenstown around luch time and settled in to our accommodation at Black Sheep.