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marie’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

Map30/05/09 - Sunday

You're never too old to play on swings!!!

This day will be told by both of us with our different experiences.


The day was a chilly one and we headed for the Canyon Swing base where we waited for our driver to pick us up. We knew that the bungy crew liked to tease but even the lady on reception was giving us a run for our money! Once we filled out our forms and agreed to the terms and conditions we were ready for the off.

The driver played a dvd for us of all the different jumps you could do. The scariness of the jumps were measured in pants! The drive down to the jump site was scary enough let alone jumping off a platform 104m high, freefalling for 60m, then swinging for 200m going at speeds of 150kmph!

Once we arrived the guys talked us through everything and feeling quite sick i said goodbye to Anthony praying that i would see him again!

As Anthony was getting strapped up i waited with baited breath. Camera at the ready i recorded him shuffle to the edge and take his first look down. Hoping for it to be over quickly Anthony and myself were squirming under the pressure and teasing from the bungy crew. After a long 5 minutes the time had come and like a pin dropping Anthony jumped off the side. Once the freefall was over the cheers of excitement and the adrenaline kicked in and i knew a second jump would be in the running. So after another girl, Anthony did his 2nd jump, a backflip over the edge! Both the jumps were 5 pants scary! After the cheers he was raised back up and now it was time ... TO LEAVE!!! No way was i being so stupid as to throw myself off a platform only being strapped to a rope, the skydiving in Cairns was quite enough!


When Re mentioned that they gave us a run for our money, with regards teasing us, well all I can say is that she should have been on the platform, because the way they were teasing me, I damn near pooed my pants!

The reason why i took so long to jump the first time, apart from being apprehensive, was simply because i wasn't sure i was supposed to jump! The way the bungy crew were going on i just really didn't know; I mean I would say "Can I go?" They would say "Yeah of course ... although I wouldn't go!" Then they would keep checking the fixings etc, saying things like "Well I think it's Ok!" I knew full well that they were just playing but I didn't particularly want to take the chance just incase something wasn't ready! I was waiting for them to count down or something so i knew to go!

When I did jump it was quite simply one of the best feelings in the world, swinging through the Canyon at what would be around 80mph was so good! I knew pretty much as soon as I hit the bottom of my freefall i had to do another jump!

I think I may have earned some points from the bungy crew for doing the backflip, this too was an emmense feeling!