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K&C’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 11 Jun 2009

Location: USA

MapIt is now the morning of June 11th and AC awoke with a major headache. We both woke up late well at least me at 9:30AM. We got ready and we were out the door and the car was packed around 10:30AM. We went to the restaurant that was just below our hotel and had our breakfast. We then went to the tourist information center to inquire about a bike tour. We met our tour guide who was a local french man and he peddled us all around the lower part of the Old Quebec city. We learned a lot of the cities history and I really enjoyed the tour. We were told that we had to try out a restaurtant that is said to have the best crepes in the city. I do not remember the name right now but i will post it as soon as I can find the reciept. We both ordered a cup of hot chocolate and shared a mixed berry crepe. This was ten times better than the crepes we had the day before. We made our way out of the city and finally found ourself back into the USA. We did not find the perfect crepe but maybe AC capture the perfect picture. We drove and drove and drove and we got gas in between. We finally made it to Bar Harbor, Maine around 9PM. We couldn't find a campsite for the night so we ended up staying in a Best Western. Our new adventure for tomorrow is to find the perfect lobster and still find that perfect picture. Keep following to see if we find either of them.