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K&C’s Travel Diary

Friday, 12 Jun 2009

Location: USA

MapJune 12, 2009 8:07am
I wrote a full page once last night then a 1/2 page when the internet crashed & wiped me out & then the 1/2 page was gone. This am I decided to go back to typing in Yahoo because it will at least save it to a draft if the internet and/or powers.

On our way to QC (Quebec City) we saw sign after sign of "MOOSE" you would have thought they would jump out at us at every turn. We saw the one in road & on way down yesterday we saw one in a salt wallow 5' below the road. When we finally got checked in way past dark last night I ask the hotel receptionist if they had moose in the area. He smiled and said it was rare to see them and in his life had only met 2. I guess we were not lucky but very lucky then.

QC is a lovely city, whether inside the old walls or out, 1/2 million people, clean, clean, clean, outside the walls it appears flat but inside you can tell this place was built for fortification and to be sure the residence never got fat and flabby. I relate it to Macho Picchu or my legs and heart rate do. Up and down and down and up. Please as I mentioned before, be in good shape and if have a disability be prepared for steep inclines and steps. The walled city was built long before handicap was a word. I do wonder how the 65 year olds of yesterday managed on these streets without carts on wheels. But oh the views, when the fog has rolled out. Just look at one of the pictures of the Chateau and I was not at the foot of the hill. The city is filled with more restaurant then I have seen in any other city around the world, ok I have not made it completely around the world just Singapore to Greece. There high season does not start until next week and goes to end of Sept. We were lucky in not running into the mass, 6 million visitors a year. If you love architecture with stone walls, flower baskets, cobblestone streets, french speaking culture who are more then pleased to help you and do speak English, and where you can sit outside and enjoy coffee, or huge bowls of hot chocolate, or an omelet (very popular here) or crepes filled with ham & asparagus or fruit and cream you have stepped into a great place in time. A place if you want to sit and talk for hours after you finished your meal they do not stand over you, a place where service is king and they make you feel like a queen. Actually, this must be instilled in them just as the Chateau was built to attract the rail service being planned across the nation and to house England's Queen when she came to visit. Another education tip as you walk along the port section you will see the streets and sidewalks with waves of color. This shows where the shores of the St Lawrence river came through out time.

Being fascinated with all the children in town one waitress stated schools from all over Canada come there every year. One of their games was breaking into groups of 4 with a what appeared to be a 3 page list - a scanvinger hunt. It was fun to hear the kids shoot out, I found it, and what a wonderful educational tool. The city is so safe they can let even the youngest kids wonder the street without fear. One thing you do need to have fear of is the limited car driver - they remind me of drivers in Mexico City, not as wild but a little fast with so many tourist. I think I only saw one taxi in this city bustling with foot powered people.

The rickshaw ride we took of the old port city was worth every cent. George worked in tourism for 20 years and decided to branch out. What leg muscles he had to have to pull us along those streets and how much more educational it became when he wheeled you inside an area once made for horse and buggy or pulled out to the edge of the river or waived at over 75% of the local people, from the women standing on her balcony or the local restaurant workers. You felt like you were out on a stroll with a popular person.

You will see several pictures taken from our bedroom window yesterday am. It was so very peaceful watching and listening to the sounds of the world going by.

Kristin, went online last night to prove to me cell phones are good for teens. I am most impressed at how she can research a subject. She found a professor of psychiatry and pediatrics from Baylor who stated, "text messaging can bring introverted teens out of their shell, boost their confidence and helps make them friends". I am so shocked to find my granddaughter is an introvert!!! Just being funny. I guess that is what was said just a few years after my years of being a teen that marijuana was ok to use. Actually, in QC they sell all the items needed to smoke it in style and the police turn their cheek if you have a small amount on you. Now mind you I did not try to find out about this - it was told to us by a local when I commented on all the items you find for sell. Each generation has it "your going to die if you keep doing that thing" today it just happens to be the cell. Oh how we knew we were the best generation (still do as we have a chance at getting some Social Security) - nothing changes as todays teens feel the exact same way. One day they will understand that no matter how much life changes it remains the same. Family and friends are the important part of life and sooner or later you will pass from this earth. It is not as much as what the world sees of you but what you feel of yourself and how you make those around you feel. Live each day to the fulest, stop and smell the roses, talk to strangers as they have so much to offer if you just listen.

I think one thing Kristin will take from this trip that stopping an asking a perfect stranger for direction or just striking up a conversation over a camera or menu and finding 10 minutes has passed is a good thing. People like to help/connect/share with you and there are so many interesting stories out there. Our last strangers were on their honeymoon, married in December, from Detriot and she spoke a little French, he was fluent in French and Italian because of his parents. These things you would never know if you just pasted them by.

Want to take this time to say Happy Birthday to my favorite eldest granddaughter. I did start this yesterday and was not late, but technology sometimes brings us back to earth. Love ya and miss you and so wish you were here also - grandma