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K&C’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 13 Jun 2009

Location: USA

MapOver the last day and a half not much has happened. Realizing that we were running out of time we did a lot of driving. We awoke up and went up to the top of Mt. Battie so AC could take more pictures. As i was wondering around I SAW A SNAKE!!!! I screamed and ran away. YUCK! We stopped in Portland, Maine to eat lunch and to do some shopping. We ate lunch at the Portland Lobster Co. but AC was not very impressed with. We walked around and bought some gifts then we are once again on our way. Within ten minutes of crossing the Massachusetts we heard a weird sound coming from the car. Maybe the van wouldn't get us home safely after all. The noise started getting louder and the car started to shake. We knew at that moment we had a flat tire. Flat ha more like blown. Being in the left hand lane and no where to pull off we started to make our way over. Thank goodness the people in Mass. are nice because they immediately turned on their flashers and slow down traffic. We reached the right side of the road and got out to lok at the damage. Wow was it bad. AC immediately though she could change it herself but i asssured her she could not. I came to the rescue when I pulled out my AAA membership card. If this were a super hero movie I would say here "Have no fear AAA will be here." I called AAA and they told me a truck would be there between then and a half hour. Since we were on a very busy highway and not alot of room to pull off we stood in the grass and waited. In no time at all a policeman pulled up to ask if we were okay. He waited with us while him and AC talked about the economy and the crime rate. We soon learned he was from Trinidad and Togago. Sadly enough he had lived in the states long enough that he had lost his accent. A while later another cop showed up to our scene. The first cop left and the other one stayed. At first we did not like this new cop but he warmed up to us eventually. AAA arrived and that is when we had realized AC didn't even have a tire iron (thanks to either Uncle James or Greg). Good luck trying to change the tire AC. The tire was fixed and we were again on our way. We don't know what tonight will bring us but it is sure to be an adventure.