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K&C’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 14 Jun 2009

Location: Hershey, USA

MapJune 13 - 14, 2009 8:00am by Connie
We arrived in Camden,ME around 6:30 pm looking for the only State Park shown on our road map. I did not want to put in after dark like the night before - just too hard.

What a great park, Camden Hills State Park, Camden, ME, nice size with sites that lend to privacy, trees, underbrush, with or without water & electricity, several private shower rooms, large clean bathrooms and what must be the best view in all of ME on top of mountain. When we checked in the women advised us to drive up to Mt Battie Summit, with an elevation of 800'. I thought, right at 800' elevation when so many mountains around almost double the height what could we see. Was I wrong - a 180 degree or more panoramic view and add to that a rock tower. A photographers dream site. The view started with a small village in a cove with what appeared to be moored sail boats, from the harbor your eyes spanned across the ocean or bays to islands doting along and as you looked further you could see mountain ranges. This was a place to sit and wait for the lighting to change. When we arrived the sky was blue with the sun setting for what I think might be perfect photo light, we will see. I could stay here for weeks
to see sunrises & sunsets or storms brewing over the sea and all the while being protected in the stone walled tower. We later learned a restaurant sat on this spot but was never rebuilt after a fire.

I have found Kristin is the happiest when camping out as I. It must be the tranquility and peace from all noises or the campfire, which last night gave more mosquito protection then we or others in this park needed - it smoked and smoked. Must find better fire wood.

Kristin and I did another first while in Bar Harbor, ME - we went to a physic. She had her palm read while I had a Tarot reading. I can not speak for Kristin but it was a little to eerie. The first thing out of her was around early 2000 I started struggling and approximately 2 years ago I lost my aura, myself and my way. I had an extremely hard time. I could only sit there looking at her as that is when my parents came to live with me and approximately 2 years ago I told my sister my dad who was living with us was taking me down faster then himself. I felt like I was drowning. She also told me at the end of this year I was going to be making a big break away from what I am doing. Again, jaw in hand, I just stared at her - I have been planning on retiring the end of year. She said a few other things which were interesting about the future, but not in my plans that I know of. She did tell me I need to work on getting my aura back. I advised her I was aware of this and had just recently started working on that and this trip was part of getting myself back.

My one dream for this trip was to find a quaint little restaurant sitting on the ocean and have fresh lobster. I did not find that, did not really look but in one place, but did settle for a restaurant that was featured as Maine's best kept secret Lobster Pound restaurant. It was excellent and did not break the bank. A fresh whole lobster, corn on cob, large coleslaw & drink was $18. You could get lobster sandwiches and just about anything lobster. It is called Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound. I forgot to ask why all the Lobster restaurant were called pounds. I assume because it is sold by the pound, but if you know please share.

Saturday started out so wonderful, with another visit to Mt. Baddie, talking to an artist and her friend on top of the hill, then realizing time was running out and needed to get further down the road as K had officially given up in wanting to go another thing. I did stop at several towns along the way looking for out door activities but she only wanted to shop and get home. We decided to get into NY then spend Sunday night in Hershey, PA area with another niece. However, MA started with a bang - massive blow out at 70 MPH. We were extremely lucky and I only have one suggestion to the Mass. road dept., please put pull offs along your highways. Riding in the left lane there was a curb and a drop off if I pulled off there, the right lane was the same, but luckily there was an exit where we came to a stop. I wish to really thank the cars behind me whose quick thinking most likely saved us from being hit. The cars behind put their emergency flashers on and slowed 3 lanes of traffic down for us to cross the lanes and come to a safe stop. Last night I had nightmares about it and how in a breath we could have been destroyed and my sister would never forgive me. I will be holding my breath for another 3 1/2 hours tomorrow. I knew I would have a large responsibility and never worry about such things even when taking grandchildren across country, but always with my husband. This time it was by myself and I felt a different weigh. I wonder if one every quites worrying about the small things. I know I do not, always such a guilty feeling that I will do wrong. The Tarot cards found that also. Just a bit of luck but she did not tell me I was going to be rich so might as well quite buying those lotto cards.