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K&C’s Travel Diary

Monday, 15 Jun 2009

Location: USA

Map12:02 am - Connie

As I review Kristin's writing's I find she has missed a few days along the way. Friday night we drove very late into Bar Harbor and were planning on spending the night at a KOA just over the bridge, turned out it was across from the best Lobster Pound. Lucky for us we could not find the resonable priced sites in the park, on honor system that late. We drove on towards Bar Harbor and then the rains started coming down - so thankful did not camp out - could just imagine this old bladder of mine have to forge the run off from this storm to find the bathroom. We stayed at a rustic Best Western and got drenched getting our luggage in. The next day was worse - as we drove into Bar Harbor hit a area of the road that was flooded. This water went up under my engine and we now had squeaking belts for a day. We tried to look around the town but with so much rain and 65 it just was not too much fun, except for the Tarot reading, which I think Kristin mentioned. I do not know why I spent so much on this but was another one of those "1st". Better not have too many more of those.

Bar Harbor has many outdoor activities from Rock Climbing which Kristin really wanted to do but was struck from our to do's with the rain. We never had another chance to do rock climbing as we headed into less mountainous regions. We did make it to Sand Beach - it was the perfect day, not a soul on this large sandy cove, I just can not understand why, the water was calm, weather 65, clear sand - what is a few drops of rain. This place must be a big attraction as not only are there areas to wash your feet but your body and dressing rooms along with long shore line well maintained paths - we chose the van due to the rain. Thunder Hole which is around from Sand Beach is a spot where water comes into the rocks and makes a sound like thunder. I can imagine what this would sound like on a really heavy wave day, but as our luck was holding - no wave over 6"!!!! We rode Route 1 from Bar Harbor to Portland and I did not see one light house - can you imagine. Kristin was getting a little tired of sighseeing so I did not push but not one lighthouse nor that quaint little restaurant sitting overlooking the ocean with the town behind it. Next time think I will just rent a boat and sail up the coast till I find my little restaurant and lots of lighthouses.

We spent the night north of Camden in the state park. I wish we had taken time to explore this little town as from Mt Baddie it appeared to be a quaint little place to stop and stay for a few days. If you get there look for my little restaurant as I am sure it must be there!!! Good night from Hershey, PA.