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CaliforniaLoverr’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009

Location: Timmins, Canada

MapHello everyone!

Okay, even though I'm not actually in Florida yet - 16 more days! - I thought, well, I'll write an entry anyway! So, my name is Hannah, and this is my PlanetRanger page! Some basic things about me:

-I have a lot of friends
-I am obsessed with Twilight and The O.C. (ergo the name CaliforniaLoverr)
-I love to dance
-I like the smell of Hardwood floors
-I love thunderstorms
-I feel sad when T.V shows end

So, yeah! I know, I am a little bit weird. Wait, I take it back. I am a lot weird. But still, that's just who I am, and if you can't deal with me, then I truly hope the door doesn't hit you on the way out. (Or maybe I do. You can never tell with me.)