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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 05 Jul 2009

Location: Germany

MapSaturday the 27th was pretty normal. I read a few chapters of the German translation of The Wizard of Oz. Thank goodness for the illustrations! After showering I started studying for my Business final. After that I helped Felix make lunch (Spinach and cheese lasagna), ate, and went over to Anitaís. She was home as she was feeling under the weather. I took her all the books that I didnít have room to take home. I think she was excited to get something new. In the afternoon I watched a movie called New in Town. It was really cute; sort of like Fargo without all the murders and with tapioca pudding and scrapbooking. Felix was gone most of the day and we had more lasagna for dinner. I caught a little of the dubbed version of the new Stepford Wives so I watched that for a bit. I still think I like the old one better. Birgit gave me a copy of the summer devotional for the youth group. Apparently the district hands one out every year to bridge the time when the youth group doesnít meet. I think Iíve been doing well considering. I still wish my German bible would have come in though.

June 28th I did not go to church. Thomas was away at a kidsí camp, and Birgit warned me the fill in guy was kind of old school and his sermons were hard for her to understand. I figured it was better if I stayed home. I studied, read, did a little cross stitch, and watched Meet Joe Black again. I went over to Anitaís again, and she was still feeling sick, but much better than the day before. She was sleeping when I left. Felix didnít get up till like 3 in the afternoon. He must have been out late the night before.

Monday the 29th I finished reading the Wizard of Oz and started reading the first Harry Potter book. It always helps to be familiar with the story first. Felix and I made pizza for lunch. My conversation class was torture as usual. When I came back Birgit was finally home. We ate more pizza for dinner and Konrad came home shortly after from France. Birgit mentioned Maria had called me and left a message asking me to call back. I called her up and she reminded me she had invited me to her Birthday Party and asked me why wasnít there. I thought she said July 29th, not June (the words are really close in German). Anyway, Birgit drove me over to her Grandparentís garden (sort of like Siglindaís setup) where the party was being held. The party was mostly for her family and boyfriend. She was having a party later for her friends, but I will be gone already. Her actual birthday was that day though, so it was nice. I brought her some Harry and Davidís chocolate and some Smuckerís Jam. It was a really good time. I got to meet her dad for the first time. Basti was kind enough to drive me home, so I got to ride in his Trabant. It was soooo teeny! But very cute.

Tuesday morning I studied a little more and Anita came over around 9. We made an apple pie and I gave her some measuring cups and spoons along with the recipe so she can make it too. We also gave her the quilt and she was so excited about it! She said it was going right home on her couch. I also got a box from home. It had cards for Konrad and Felix and a movie (Gran Torino) and camo soap. Awesome! We had roulade and the usual potato dumplings and red cabbage for lunch. After that I went to school for my final. I think I did well enough, but not exceptionally well. Weíll see next week. Birgit and I watched Gran Torino in the evening. It was very predictable, but good.

Wednesday was pretty uneventful. I basically studied all day. I wanted to take a walk, but it was super hot (like upper 80s) and I figured it was better to stay in. Birgit started me on another lace project in the morning, but I wasnít in a patient mood, so it wasnít going well. I made the spaghetti for lunch and I finished reading the first Harry Potter in the afternoon.

Thursday went well. I mostly studied again in the morning and read a bit. We had ďMilk RiceĒ for lunch and then headed over to Siglindaís. It was extremely hot again (summerís here) and we picked cherries. I also picked some black currants. As soon as we were done a huge thunderstorm came and it was absolutely pouring. I was glad the little house was there. We went in and had cake and tea. Around 4 we had to leave so I could get to my final on time. I think the Phonetics one went really well. I finished super early and she smiled after my reading, so I think thatís a good sign. I know itís better than at the beginning anyway. Birgit and I split the left over potato dumplings and pasta for dinner. Charlotte came over and brought her dog Betty, a Maltese. Iím not fond of yip-yip dogs, but it was nice to have some kind of dog around.

Friday morning we switched my lace project back to the German round pillow. I like it much better than the flat one since you hold the bobbins instead of laying them on the pillow. Itís a lot faster and I think itís tighter and looks nicer too. I was still getting frustrated because we had to knot on more thread and the knots werenít holding. Birgit uses this weird slip knot thing. Give me a good old square knot any day. It doesnít look quite so nice, but it holds 10 times better. I worked for about an hour and then read for a bit. We had fish sticks and potatoes for lunch.

I had to go to my intensive class for the first time in like a week and a half. The heat wave is still on, so instead of meeting in the 3rd floor in our usual room we went down to the basement. It was much better there. We did a little grammar and talked about the stylistic differences between personal and business letters and heard a bit of an audio book from a Russian immigrant who learned German well enough to be able to write. He talked about his struggles with learning German and also how hard it is to raise bilingual children. It was really funny! He has a bit of an accent, but all the Germans love that and itís not that hard to understand.

Yesterday I did basically nothing. Seriously. I went to Anitaís to call home, read, did cross stitch, and played solitaire.

Today we went to church in the morning. The sermon was given by a Theology student and I understood him really well. We had roulade and red cabbage and potato dumplings for lunch. I went to Anitaís afterwards to call home. Her company wasnít there yet. After I was done they were all there and she invited me to have ice cream with them (walnut, yum!). Since sheís leaving Tuesday this is the last time I will see her, so we took a picture together. I am really going to miss her. She gave me two of her very valuable English dessert spoons, so Iíll always have something to remember her by. How sweet! I hope she calls a lot and comes to visit me some day.

In the afternoon I went on a bike ride with Birgit and Thomas. I used Birgitís old bike since the bike lock for mine is so rusted I couldnít get it open. DW-40 anyone? It was really long and hot, but the short bit through the forest was nice. It was shady and smelled like wild garlic. I will miss that. The beach was super crowded, so Iím glad I didnít want to swim. Thomas actually wanted to bike around the lake (heís nuts) but I was completely spent, so thank goodness Birgit didnít want to go either. We sat at a table and waited for Thomas to come back. I am soooo sore. I hope I donít have to bike again before I leave. Is it possible to get ďsaddle soresĒ from a bike? Anyway, thatís about it so far. I think Iíll just chill around the house for the rest of the evening.